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Ghajini was a very good remake. But when i compared it to original, i liked suriya's performance more. Ammir did a great job but i felt suriya acted more convincingly. Having said that, with the type of masala films coming now-a-days Ghajini (hindi) is anyday 100 times better

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Ghajini was a quality south remake. And very well acted too . After dabangg , crap south masala has started.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Ghajini is the film that made me a die die hard fan of Aamir... After Ghajini I didn't like Any South Remake. Singham was not bad

by Producer (107k points)
That's because thankfully Rohit Shetty didn't copy Singham scene to scene. The changes were entertaining.
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Ghajini was a very good movie......but,we have to say it crap to those who say MNIK was bad movie.......

by Director (123k points)
I haven't seen MNIK fullly....just one hour but liked it .....Though I find Chak De better than MNIK but SRK was superb
Yes,CDI was slightly better than MNIK though i like MNIK most....but,performance wise-MNIK>>>CDI.....
Chak De is in its league of own....SRK's performance in Chak De was better than MNIK....u can ask a question regarding this
For me,SRK's Best Performances Ranking wise-MNIK,KHKN,Swades,KHNH,CDI,Darr,VZ,Anjaam,Baazigar,Devdas,Dil Se,KANK,Mohabbatein,DDLJ,Pardes,KKHH,CC,Don 2,Don.....
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it was a very good movie with good performances and you cant put it in the category of pure masala movies like singham,dabangg,ce etc

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
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I wouldn't call it bad... I've said it many times before & I'm gonna say it again..

I missed Pradeep Rawat's double role in the remake. I would've loved if Ghajini Dharmatma were indeed Ghajini & Dharmatma.

ARM made the necessary changes for the climax, that entire pre-climax in original was a letdown with illogical scenes. But his change in Hindi led to a dragged climax of prolonged action scenes. I mean the only thing I liked in the entire action sequence was when Aamir loses his memory & doesn't recognize Ghajini in turn getting tricked by him. Apart from that that lengthy action was tedious to watch. Atleast for the ones like me who had watched the original.

So apart from these two, there isn't much to complain. And Aamir's acting, the way he underplayed his character worked big time. Plus I liked Kaise Mujhe song.

by All Time best! (302k points)
which performance do u like aamir or suriya? Yes i too missed pradeep rawat double role.
I liked both the performance equally as they both brought something of their own to the character, neither of them tried to copy Guy Pearce. And Aamir didn't imitate or took Suriya inspiration at all. But then if at all I've to pick one then I would go with Suriya, only because I saw his version first.
hmm..and all songs of ghajini(tamil/telugu) was a rage back then. Many of them are huge chartbusters

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