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lol...dude in the link given by u it is 16.7cr gross and15.85 nett
bro i shared it by including collections of overseas
@dilip but still with indian net too its the highest man
Ohh...didnt know u added overseas too sry. Ya i know it beat endhiran opening collections in India. congrats man!

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Vijay is unmatchable currently in South. And if the film released in AP then it would have been more.

i agree but tel me ur prediction there if ts released?
i actually dnt knw the collection trends of suryas,rajinis n vijay movies bro can u giv me some datas of these actors recent movies?
I dont have datas as such. I normally check them during release time and forget. btw i dont much abt Tamil movies collection. I know only if their movies are dubbed. Suryas sikander and rajni kochadaiyaan fared very bad in ap (telugu versions).Thupakki did decent business. Nanban (snehitudu) did below average in AP
k thnx bro anyhw share me if u get any of those datas or info smwher
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That;s a great record/achievement....
Bollywood films with 3 or 4 times the screen count (releasing all over India) are unable to achieve that revenue/collections on its opening day...

Need to wait to release it on net with Eng Subtitles/Hindi Dubbed .....
A R Murugados is just like Rajkumar Hirani ...both make films with some social message ...
Only difference is one gives the message on SERIOUS note other gives it in an ENTERTAINING/LIGHT note...
But end result of both the filmmakers is SAME....U get what u expected

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)
written exactly for the other part...but the figure he gave is WW collection of kaththi first day, not India alone.
but the indian net figure too sums up to around 16 crores bro?highest for a south indian movie and really close to manyy bollywood big movies so we must be proud of it as south indians n not degrade its achievement
not at all degrading, i just informed him. Its a great achievement infact many A listers like Akki fail to get that many on opening day (recent releases). Wish there is same system in Ap too like TN. In Tn U rated movies get tax exemption,but same is nit the case in Ap.
very true bro but tax exemption in tn also would hav made a diffrnc of jst 1-1.5cr also its screen size is very low to that of enthiran .....any how hope many more tamil n telugu movies collect big like this in future to compete with bollywood biggies
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16cr the accurate nett will be around as 14cr in India(Keeping boi in my mind).Tax free helped it well.

by Editor (81.7k points)
bro u can take it as 16 crores itself that is the net...the gross is 17crores in india and 22.5cr worldwide

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