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@suhas ..any reason for ME to watch hny? Mere liye kuch hai , Jo mai pasand karta?
deepika's cleavage a lot of it
1st half 0.5/5,2nd half 3/5,total 3.5/10.I didnt watch by dwnloading or p!racy

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Ok, so I saw it today and, as promised, here is my review.

I will do this in a slightly different format, and just list my main thoughts about the film. Here goes:

-SRK's on screen presence is magnificent. He oozes class, and even in the childish scenes he doesn't look as bad as some of the others (we'll talk about that later!). Plus, I think he looks better in this film than he did in CE!

-The basic story is likeable but has been poorly put together on screen with enough cliches and predictability to make it annoying! There are no twists, turns or any edge-of-your-seat moments to make it exciting. Moreover, it feels like the writers ran out of ideas with regard to the comedy scenes because they become really dull after a certain point.Finally, the script doesn't justify the length at all, as the film gets repetitive (as aforementioned) and drags on for a long time.

-SRK does better here than he did in CE. Jackie Shroff is as good as usual. Most of Deepika's dialogue delivery appears to be contrived and it's the same with the others - they all tried too hard. The worst cases are Abhishek and Vivaan Shah

-The characters don't seem to be developed enough. The film mainly focuses on them as a team and so we don't really get to know much about them as individuals DESPITE the 3 hour running time!

-The songs have been beautifully shot and you wouldn't expect anything else from Farah Khan. Nobody shoots songs like her!

-Credit to the DOP because Dubai does really look great and the film has been brilliantly shot on the whole!

-The film does actually have some good comic moments. For example, the exchanges between Sonu Sood and Boman Irani are entertaining, and there are some other nice touches including a speech by Deepika which has been cleverly derived from Chak De India. On the contrary, Abhishek Bachchan is a liability in this department. I mean, he is pretty much useless all the way through. Plus, like I said, the writers did eventually run out of ideas in this department so it gets annoying after a while!

-Abhishek Bachchan does actually have moments in the film that do suit him better. You'll have to see the film to find out, tho

-The heist scenes aren't as good as I expected them to be. I mean, Don 2 was way better in this department. Farah has treated them as more of a joke than anything else - way too light-hearted! This makes them bad to watch and, in all honesty, a bit dull.

-The music itself, as we all know, is nothing special. Manwa Laage and India Waale are the best songs, and the rest are basically ordinary-poor. That said, the BGM is good! I especially liked the way in which the heist theme has been incorporated into the film!

-There are a few irritating fight scenes in the film, such as one where Sonu Sood bashes up some thugs up after letting smoke out of his ears, and the other where SRK has a fight with some Korean guy in the second half.

Overall, it's a film that does have its moments, but not enough of them! There are parts which entertain you (such as the songs, a few moments of good comedy, etc) but there are many more parts which bore you. There are only a handful of reasons with which one could justify seeing this, and the main one is SRK.

I would rate Farah Khan's directorial efforts as follows:


Rating: 2.25/5.

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@raja Wat's ur business ratings?.....
my brother saw the film,he likes srk but my brother said srk made a big mistake by being in this film,this film will be ra.two,i dont believe him must see on 25th
CE was itself better than,HNY will be better than D:3 atleast.........very good!
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Here is My Review:-
To Be Honest is this film made by the same director who made TMK. Well Story starts with a dance Competition, and then the film goes back to the story that what made them to compete in a dance competition.Srk entry is the 2nd best entry of all time after don 2, ya you will definitely like it and there will be lots whistles and claps he did it extremely Well.Then comes the entry of Jag (sonu sood) his entry is a bit funny but they kept it in that funny way though its enjoyable . Charlie is looking for his mates to go and rob The Dubai Business Tycoon Jackie shorrof through a Dance Competition, and 3rd entry comes of Tammy (boman Irani) they both are SRK's father best friend,why they will rob Jackie Sharof just watch the movie and enjoy tjhe suspense but Srk needs fourth member for his team Nandu (Abhsihek) why abhsihekk bachan its another suspense so go for the movie and enjoy it , they don't know anything about dancing, Worst dancers ever they try to learn dance by hiring teacher after teacher but everytime they disappoints , after a emotional scene Srk tells a story to Nandu that why he wants to rob Jackie and nandu finds a better dance teacher for them, Mohini (Deepika) her song OMG i just wanted to buy a second ticket to watch her Lovely Song man she looks extremely hot and Gorgeous 5/5 for her item number perfect entry of Deepika, then its all about comedy, Nandu & Tammy Comedy timing is absolutely wonderful man, i loved abhisheek bachan comedy in Bol Bachaan but this was far better then that and Boman Irani bow to u man he nailed it perfectly specially in fight scene of Sonu Sood, there is one more comedy scene of Abhisheek Bachan and i assure u, every one was laughing for about 5 mins in the hall hilarious man, 5 points each for both boman and Abhisheek bachan for this hilarious performance man, sonu sood as usual did his best with the role of a bomb expert , Well i was quite surprised with the performance of vivan shah he did it really well, and deepika as usual she was not just a replica katrina in dhoom 3 she was Menaamaa from CE where she nailed the show from SRK and she did here the same and her chemistry with SRK Oh man i don't think so Deepika looked beautiful with any other guy other then SRK , they are made for each other Awesome man, and last but not the least i expected SRK's performance to be somewhat like a masala kind of performance but man he did a wonderful job, Emotions, Comedy, Action everything was perfect, dont be shocked if he is nominated for best actor award this year & better not get shock if he wins one , the robbery scene are good though it could have been better but still much better then the robbery scene of Dhoom 3,i mean atleast they showed how they robbed rather then just running on the walls of a bank and just throwing the money in the air . there is emotion, Drama, Action , Comedy Typical farah khan film but man i am still shock is this the same farah khan who did TMK, but on second thought she was the one Who directed MHN and OSO, it is a patriotic film and every Indian will love it and if he doesnt i dont think so they are indiawalli, at last film is bit a long and but i assure u u wont be bored for a single moment so go for IndiaWaale, well my film rating will be 3.5/5 and business rating will be hmmmmmmmmm ok give way to indiawaale records are going to be shattered all the way chances are there of Crossing Dhoom 3 depending on the second week business,WOM will be definitely Mixed to Positive .Locations are extremely Beautiful and camera work is awesome, minor flaws in direction but it can be neglected .Going with friends for the 2nd time tomorrow enjoy movie and ya it is rocking Gulf at the moment and tomorrow will be the day it rocks India Waali , Dont Forget to enjoy the songs, Picturazation and choreography is awesome .

Rating 3.5/5

Performance Wise
SRK 4.5/5
Deepika 4/5
Sonu sood 3.5/5
Vivan Shah 3/5
Boman Irani 4/5
Abhisheek Bachan 4/5

Director Farah Khan :- 3/5

Business Rating 8.5/10 lifetime 250+ India 150 +Overseas

Do Check My Post About Public & Critics Review & Response It is Updated After Every Hour

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same here but i have to wait to saturday 8.30pm:|
cha gaya mere cheete. dil khush kar diya. my show starts in 3.5 hours.
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Okay , So here is the HNY review - :

Happy New Year : A Winner !

The film is entertaining one. A perfect film for Diwali.The film is full of enjoy-able scenes.I won't give you the plot synopsis. Just an idea what the film's about.

It is very grand film. I think the budget is very high.

Charlie son of Manohar Sharma decides to destroy Charan Grover. He teams up with Manohar's friend Tammy and a admirer Jag. Charlie adds Rohan the hacker to his team.

Nandu Bhide is a trumph card. Deepika Padukone is the dance teacher.

The Team decides to practice the heist through World Dance Championship representing the Team India.

Screenplay is very good.

The Hiest is nicely Planned !

Shahrukh Khan has the best role followed by Abhishek. Sonu's Comic timing is nice. Boman is good. Deepika is ok. Vivaan is negligiable.

Songs are placed perfectly.

Umm... Better than Om Shanti Om , but not as good as Main Hun Na.

But , You'll Enjoy the film.:D

Go for it !!

Acting performances -

SRK - 4.5/5. Stunning
Abhi - 3.75/5. He makes you laugh.
Sonu - 4/5. Comic-timing (Y)
Boman - 4.25/5. Enjoy-able
Deepika - 3.5/5 Decent.
Vivaan - 3/5 Good for his age

I would rate it -

As a audience - 3.75/5
As a critic - 3.5/5
As a SRK fan - 3.5/5

Buisness Rating - 4.5/5

It has very much commercial value. Buisness Expectaion - Very much high , can go on becoming the highest grosser of all time. I guess it can sustain well in 2nd and 3rd Week.#Fingers_Crossed. Lifetime - Around 280 Cr. I wish it croses 300 cr ;p !

PS You're going for an entertaining Film.

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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Heist is nicely planned, or at least covers many bases, Shahrukh himself worked in the construction so he knew all the things, Abhishek look alike was also good enough for a bollywood film. Though, the odd thing is why didn't they just get in the safe from the above where Sonu Sood had easily gone, lol, why do all other things.

@anand , Well I liked it , Its my personal opinion. I am not saying its fantastic , its awesome its best , I'm just saying its nice. @GN , No TBH 3 Idiots is much ahead of HNY. I would never rate 3I as same as HNY , not even in dream. @Filman - LOL , Ha yaar. Yeh bhi ho sakta tha :p

HNY was never gonna touch Don 2's heist part.....everybody knew it before....leave HNY, no other film of Bollywood i remember is close to what Don 2's class is, except Ankhein which was fantastic
Oh I know, Don 2 heist was all about stylish robbery type situation, here it was more fun, so obviously the robbery part won't be that like HNY.
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Not very big on writing reviews.

Kick disappointed me.
Bang Bang ultra disappointed me.

Happy New Year delivered on what it promised. Entertainment with strong emotional quotient. everything just falls into place for this movie. One thing leads to the next. The perfect dominoes affect.

Special mention to Sonu sood fight sequence. couldnt hear the dialogues. thats how much the audience were laughing during that scene. Boman and "PETER" steal the show

Is it lengthy? YES

Is there a dull moment in the 3 hour long movie? Fcuk NO

Much Much better than CE

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Your rating out of 5? And how is Audience response?
dude audience did not stop laughing from the starting to the end. there was a pin drop silence when the emotional quotient rose. you gotta see it to believe it. and trust me if i gave a 2 star to kick i will give a 4 star to happy new year
Thats my boy! (Relieved)
Dil khush kar diya bhai....................
@thekai100, did you liked srk's performance?
Maza a 250cr is confirmed now.......haters hahaha....(party)

bhai exact rating h meri bhi @thekai100 (handshake) ...loved it n much better than what trailer made us to expect

Agreed, better than Kick, BB and CE, more entertaining, maybe because I already had low expectations, but ti also exceeded my expectations, from the trailers I was thinking it will try to entertain but won't, but it did after the first hour at least. I even liked the Charlie vs Korian guy fight, good thing they made it funny with the song 'Kung Fu Fighting'. Didn't like the Sonu fight though, unnecessary. At the end they could have shown that Charlie was actually the one being reluctant to go back to the dance, as that would have made his entry better, would have kind of liked Sonu and Shahrukh fight, especially as now Shahrukh had the physique for it. Only flaw in the plan also was that why not just come into the safe from above where Sonu was.
pehlay to Filman tu bhi haath mila(handshake)...khushi hoe k tjhe bhi pasand ayi

''why not just come into the safe from above where Sonu was.''....smjh nhn ayi

waisay i didn't like that ''Yeh taala Charlie sy he khulay ga'' password thingy....even Suhas bhai mentioned the same thing which happened in our theater, one guy shouted the within nano-seconds that password is Charlie, then the excitement was gone n larkay aas paas k were saying ''hun khol v lay'' ....woh sb sy bra flaw tha heist part ka.....pta nhn kyunki koi better password trick nhn soch sakay....damn
Oh jee (handshake)

Yaar woh Charlie waalla guess karna easy tha, par behtar hotta aggar woh koyi emotional convo dekha dette Shahrukh our Anupem ke beech, matlab unka koi achcha scene hotta to phir chaahe guess karrein ya na karein, woh charlie se khune waalli cheez behter lagti.

Merra matlab tha ke Sonu ne woh upper se unhein baahar nikkaalla tha na, to andar bhi wahein se kiyun nahi aa gaye, kiyunke Sonu wahaan par aarraam se pohanch gaya tha.
agr oper sy SRK jata to Jackie Shroff k baitay par shak na jata.....faida he na hota agr finger prints na hotay to.....main maqsad to Jackie Shroff aur uskay baitay ko phsana tha na......
Jackie ka betta phasta bas, par woh bhi phassa kiyunke unki responsibility thi our unke ellavva wese hi koi khol nahi sakta tha, uppr se bhi phas jaatta. Phir, jis tarah aser shield ko disable kiya, safe ko kholla, andar ghusse, woh bhi na karna padta, par challo, mujhey to lagga nahi tha ke jitni achchi robbery wese hi kar li, itni bhi kareinge, mujhey lagga tha kahin par fight karein ge, kahin par koi key use kareinge ho har cheez ko khol detti hai, bla bla, achcha tha.
hmmm.......ab Don 2 Farah Khan sy to expect nhn ki ja skti na
Farah ne jo bana di woh meine expect nahi ki thi, Don 2 ki expectations le kar jaatta to khuda hi hafiz tha!
hahahah....same here
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Watched today's 9:15 am show of Happy New Year,The Diwali Dhamaka of this year.Just came back.Talking about the movie,it is full on entertaining and awesome from starting till end.Not a single dull or boring moment in the whole movie.SRK's entry scene was superb.Everyone were going crazy for his 8 packs.First half of the film moves in brilliant pace,with good timings of comedy by Boman and Abhishek.Songs were nicely placed as required.No overracting by anyone.Deepika's Lovely song is just so hot.Everyone were cheering and whistling for the sexy siren,the reigining queen.Dialogues were also good and good comedy.Second half,comedy is less as compared to first half,but have some emotional scenes which is required.Film looked so grand and colourful throughout.You can't get your eyes off the whole movie.Brilliant picturization.Locations are just marvellous.Deepika did very well as Mohini,Vivan Shah did his part nicely.The robbery scene was top notch.No over the top scenes in the movie.Climax was cleverly done.Jacky Shroff acted nice..Overall super entertaning and a perfect Diwali bonanze.Must watch with your family.SRK has a good chance of wining Best Actor award next year.Must appreciate.Its much better than CE.Cinematography was brilliant.My rating 4/5.

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So here is my review of
Happy New Year: A Next Gen Commercial Entertainer

I won't say film was great, extraordinary, out of the world, perhaps when someone will take the name of greatest Bollywood movies, this movie won't be in the charts and not even on the mind of the one who is saying. But this film will be remembered as a film that gives yoy what u expected! There is no boat turning bike, heart stopping action sequences, ovesequences, double standard jokes, because Charlie's father told him, KEEP IT SIMPLE!! but still there is lots of thing for the audience to be cheer, and the main thing was Shah Rukh Khan!

Plot: A man, build up a gang to take his revenge from a millionaire (Jacky Shroff) who is responsible for his father's jail. Meanwhile they planned to rob diamonds from his pocket, and the blame will be go to Jacky for robbing one's property, but there was a simple problem, WDC! World Dance Championship! Go and see urself how or did they manage to rob the diamonds? Oh c'mon surely they'll do, after all they are India Wale!

Direction: She is the director of Main Hoon Na & Om Shanti Om! Yeah yeah I know, Tees Maar Khan too, but only director of MHN & OSO can make such a grand looking film. Farah Khan recaped her old works with a different script but same intention, to make a film, for everyone! And she has been successful for sure. Happy New Year is her hard work, to make everyone smile! Direction was good and she tried to focus SRK as much as she can!

Performance: From the beginning to the end, SRK dominated the film. Without SRK this film can never be made. Also I don't think any other superstar would agree to do a film like this where he has to share his screentime with 4 other actors. But anyway he played the role of Charlie, the mastermind, perfectionally! From the start when he punched his rival street fighter, to the middle when he showed his slicky action style in the roof of the building, to the climax where he enters in the final of WDC, all cheered for their SRK, after all they gets a film to cheer for him! Abhishek has done a good job, whatever he did, was his 100% so you can't really complain about him anyway, Sony Sood had some very funny scenes and especially his first fight scene, and he had done a good job! Tammy, beg pardon Boman was adorable, its really hard for a old man like him to play such a role but, nevertheless, he played is easily. He was brilliant, and so was his comic timing. Deepika was okay, she had a good role and she played it goodly too. Jacky Shroff was fantastic, though even as the main & only villain, he hadn't much to do, but whatever he had, he delivered! Overall everyone was good while SRK stands out to be the best easily. Oh wait, I forgot Vivan Shah!! Oh let it be, what was even anyone expecting from him!

Songs: All songs were important for the film. Songs had a very big role and background music too was mind blowing! Though there aren't any huge chart busters like Dard E Disco or Tumse Milke, but all songs were good and well appreciated!

Screenplay: Film had a good and fast screenplay.

Overall, Film was a grand entertainer for everyone and has everything that you want in a movie, right from Romance to Heist. Go for it, a perfect diwali cracker! My ratings 3.5/5.



by Super-star (169k points)
though ur review is avg .....still +1 for ur last line
+11 votes

EKdum ultimate bollywood movie like srk said...It has everything...

1st half was mostly comedy and dance and few action scenes

2nd half was terrific with the indiawaale angle and the heist...the escape plan for the heist was very very well done....It was quite an intelligent escape...loved it....the last indiawaale dance is epic...literally gives u goosebumps and a proud feeling to be an indian....songs were aptly placed..although they could have cut a few songs....

SRK was actually quite good in his role...very well acted...much better than ce....DP was fantastic...loved her...abhishek,boman,sonu were fine as well...vivan was indifferent...jaggu dada acted very well in the villain role

Over all a feel good perfect family masala entertainer with many LOL moments

3.75/5 from me...

by Location Manager (6.7k points)
+10 votes

Sure shot entertainer.
A complete package of drama,comedy,good acting,action,dance.
A perfect placed, not slow,
good editing.
& One thing you won't became bore.
I never expected such a watchable, good movie from Farah ( Not saying best ), cause from trailers,looks I was not sure.
Performance of cast is perfect, I am in love with Deep, Boman,Abhi,Sonu,Vivan nailed show specially boman & Abhi.
& You won the heart my King.
I am going with 3.50.
Records are in danger.
Business rating - 4.50.

by Assistant Director (53.1k points)
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+9 votes

Its Only after MNIK of Srk that I Liked.I was dissapointed with,Don2,CE and Jthj.Though CE made money but still it didnt satisfied as a Srk Fan.

HNY is no something extraordinary movie but ya its entertaining.The Chemistry between Lead actors is good.The Jokes which they crack on each other were good and its throughout the movie which makes it Faadu Entertainer.In Between there are some serious scenes which Srk is best at.
There are some Hilarious dance sequences which i liked.though its childish but still Entertaining..
Though Its Entertainer but movie lack a good Storyline.Its about Dance and Heist.but no importance given to both part.If you promise it then Deliver it..I think rather then giving so importance to Characters intro i think more imp so have been given to Dance and Heist..But we cant expect story from Farah Khan..
As far as Performances goes i think Srk was as usual good.As Suhas said its display of what Srk did in last 20yrs but still you will love in his role..Abhishek was decent.Vivaan doesnt have much to do..Sonu was good in comic as well as action scenes.Deepika also doesnt have much to do in movie like she had in CE.but She did emotional scenes and her English was Mind blowing..I think Boman Irani is surprise package of the movie.He excelled in his role.He gives you laugh if he is onscreen.
I think Farah was weak in direction department its only Srk presence which will save this one.But for one she must be praised its must be that She Presents Srk they way audience want to See him.I think Srk should get more involve in scripting stage like he do in Shooting and Post productio stage.
My Rating - 3.5/5(As an Srk fan and one who seek only entertainment)
2.5/5(As an unbiased reviewer)
Go for it if you want to be entertained and expecting content is foolishness..Its Diwali Gift from SRK and Farah Khan.

by Super-star (161k points)
unbiased rating by srkian--- 2.5/5..shows how bad the movie is..!!
karan what are the business expectations now???
still better then kick and bang bang. Even CE i gave a 2/5. the movie is bad. i said it before. the movie will be the worst thing in this world for the haters but it will still break records
@Zikr,cant say anything but it will cross Kick. @thekai100,Opinion differs from person to person. I mo Kick was better but i like Hny more.
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Happy New Year is not a cult movie or a serious movie. It is a masala movie for festive season. It is fully entertaining. There are really many good comic scenes, which make you lough. Action scenes and Heist planning is good. Best thing IMO some patriotic emotional scenes which make you cry. SRK is fabulous as always. Abhishek is really praiseworthy. All actors act very well and they done an extraoridanary job as a team.

on the basis of script and quality - 2.5/5
on the basis of entertainment and business scope - 4/5

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)
+7 votes

First First ever advance booking, yesterday, goes to HNY :)

Second, i want to kill that person who made HNY's trailer

Review: was little late n first i saw Charlie being washed with water buckets....don't know how much i missed before that Charlie intro

SRK: now what scared me with that trailer was that SRK will have an over-the-top heavy comic side to his character which i didn't want.....that WDC scene created that doubt but that scene was as i predicted to @Ankit 007 that it can come after some sequence n can look good n thats exactly what it is like in the film.......i said before also that YRF didn't make HNY trailer so immaturity can only be in trailer n thats it.......SRK's performance is excellent n the intensity on his face is awesome(intensity of this style came with JTHJ i think).....i was like ''bachay ab tu pkka actor hogya h....sahi mauj mein acting krta h''......n almost everywhere he looked damn stylish.....thanks to make-up artists of Farah who made him look much better than OSO plus special mention of dressers of SRK.....cheeta lag rha tha esp. in beard

Sonu Sood: again i wanted him to be a serious character n he was quite close to that.....just the surroundings being funny is not that bad for what i wanted Sonu to look like...esp. one friend of mine was angry at HNY after watching HNY's trailer saying ''us bnday ko serious hona chahye tha, paaglon ny funny bna kr baira-gharak kr deya''

Boman Irani: really a very good performance....he made that character different from whatever i remember about his career n had a strong hold on was an entertaining one indeed

Abhishek: he is good.....but not really when u look at him getting double role n that other role getting enough screen space too...nothing special in that character......but Nandu Bhide is mostly entertaining but scene of dialogue promo of Nandu n Johnny Lever(rum) was probably the worst scene n thanks to promotional team who made that stupid decision of using it as intro-promo.....that ''johnny bhai'' scene had no work in the editing department

Vivaan Shah: this guy is cool.....but not much time space he got.....whatever he got, he is good as a performer n looked girl-attraction-material too, u know woh pappu qism k educated burger larkay hotay hain na, like that....will work with girls if gets a better chance i think

Deepika: she looked beautiful n acted well but dancing was not upto the mark esp. last performance......her english side was fun n was not dragged even for a moment which i was scared after watching that Mohini-promo........kill the promo making team too along with trailer-guys(punch)

Jackie Shroff: Farah is one of the rare directors who know how to use her villains in entertaining films......Raghvan, Mukesh were Jackie got much lesser time space than what he should have.....still, he had that Jackie stylish waving style n good dialogues in confrontational scenes....did well n looked cool in both looks

Now, film gains its momentum very quickly n is quite well targeted at heist part......good pace in first half makes u expect better pace in second half which is not available as its slower than what a second half of heist film should be.....esp. some jokes which worked at those moments did hamper HNY's pace when heist part is at its peak.....still, well-written heist if u were not expecting Don 2 kind of intelligence

Dubai: they used it really well......i remember discussing how Dubai will look in HNY n izzat ka swaal etc stuff with @Filman n here they did justice with it.......esp. that Burj Khalifa fight sequence which started as a normal thing but then became a breathtaking part.......awesome action stuff n a good tribute like thing to Burj Khalifa by Bollywood.....Dubai made huge contibution in making HNY an eye-pleasing journey....well-done Redchillies for exploring Dubai like this but could have been better if heist was highly related to Dubai's locales

Farah Khan as a maker: Main Hoon Na is untouchable for many so leave it, Om Shanti Om is a grand film made with heart but not much mind Farah did a better job with using her brain more n did justice with it

Music: every song i think was well placed except that part of ANKHON K, ANKHON K CHABI SY of Indiawaale not used that well as i was expecting......still, every song entertained....even Dance like a Chammiya was better than expected

Rating: 4/5

Boxoffice: look, this is a patriotic film......last year, film was about fighting for love of girl, this year film has an angle of fighting for country......lets see who wins 'CE or HNY' bet is on HNY but who knows what audience like....i liked this film a lot n hopefully people all around the World will join n make it a much bigger hit than CE....meri prediction to Blanka wali hogae h k TOOTAINGAY TAALE(y)

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)
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What did i said.... :):):):):)
What if I told you baadshah - Same pinch

I was also late , I also saw SRK washed with buckets first. !!! :P
TB: yup.....mza aya film ka....esp. i was not expecting comedy to be so good when first 10min with Sajid Khan Malaika arora were not that funny.....but i think after Boman's arrival, first half is hilarious

Pallav: hahaha
+5 votes

I will not write much....I went with zero expectations after reading -ve reviews....
but HNY is really entertaining as their makers promised...
1st half : 3/5 (Mainly there is character introduction)
2nd half : much better 4.5/5 (Engaging + could have been shorter)
Locations : 5/5 (Dubai trip is waiting for me!)
Heist : This is the plus point as Heist scenes were missing in recent movies D3,Kick and Bang Bang !
Climax : Worth a ticket!
Final Words : Go for it!

by Assistant Director (57.6k points)
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What I saw in last one hour of HNY made me realize it could have been one of the best entertainers in recent few years. The robbery part of the movie is nothing less than excellent but unfortunately it is only for about 25 % of the movie. The robbery part of the movie is much much better than dhoom 3 and kick. In fact this is probably the best robbery I have seen in bollywood apart from Dhoom 1.
However this robbery part is the only good thing about movie. The characters introduction and comedy scenes don't work much in the movie. First 100 minutes of the movie is nothing but crap like what sajid khan presents us. And yeah saajid khan is actually a small part of this portion of the movie which is very boring. My initial reaction after first half was "man this is worse than tees maar khan" however it got better after the first half and then when the robbery part started I was like man "this is the movie".
I think HNY team could have easily reduced 30 minutes from the first two hours and records of dhoom 3 would have been history for sure. But the majority of the movie is quite boring, in fact very boring with lame jokes that hardly makes you laugh. Overall movie becomes decent due to awesome robbery part. I will give it 2.75 stars.
Best scene: AB taking off his dresses to try to increase his height and reach the screw. Man it was hilarious.
Boxoffice: It will cross 230 crores BOI on the basis of weekend collection but will fall short of dhoom 3 lifetime collection.

by Producer (101k points)
Completely bang on. The tension in the robbery sequence is amazing. Something which the entire movie lacked(y)
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I'll keep it short. The movie isn't unwatchable like TMK or humshakals, but still the magic of OSO and MHN is missing from this one too. It's another lousy effort from farah and one gets the impression that no one in this film is taking themselves seriously. It's towards the last 40 mins of the movie including the heist sequence, that the movie redeems itself to quite an extent. And the final dance sequence is well done too. Scale of the film is grand and cinematography is fabulous.
In the acting department, abhishek has hammed away merrily. Sonu sood and vivaan are passable, bowman irani is decent but typecast in a typical Parsi character, what we've seen a zillion times in Bollywood. Deepika looks hot and acts her part well.
The star of the show, srk looks amazing. He's looked better here than CE and displays amazing intensit throughout. Having said srk can do such stuff in his sleep too and there's nothing new too. Pedestrian screenplay and a few vulgar jokes spoiled it for me. To whatever degree the movie works is due to shah rukh's charisma. But he deserves a better script than this. He's way bigger than such lame and lousy humour.
I'll rate it- 2.5/5. A few moments here and there and shah rukh's larger than life persona make this flick a one time watch.

by Mega Star (226k points)

Haha ...
Time has passed so quikly ...


Hahahaha. Yes. Btw see other reviews. Most srkians found this a masterpiece

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Happy New Year is a perfect commercial entertainer which is shot grandly and provides full to entertainment. Story line was definitely weak but that is the case for almost all commercial movies of bollywood.
Film provides entertainment right from the start with some funny dialogues and dance sequences by the starcast. The fight scene featuring Sonu sood in first half was totally crap.
Action scenes were brilliantly shot specially the one featuring SRK and Korean dancer. Cinematography was brilliant.
Direction by Farah was ok for an commercial movie.
Film looks lengthy due to some unnecessary scenes in first half and lilttle bit stretched climax. Climax could have been made more thrilling.
Songs: Songs were good though chartbuster music was missing. For me Indiawaale was the best from the album
Shahrukh: He killed it in his own way, gave an power packed performance. His screen presence was biggest plus from the movie.4.5/5
Deepika: Acted well specially in comic scenes 4/5
Abhishek: He shines in the movie. His act was closely as good as in Bol Bachchan actually i can see a bright future for him in such roles. He should keep doing such roles[infact there is no other option for abhi].4/5
Boman: He performed well. 3.75/5
Vivaan: He didn't suited the role of an hacker at all. What was the need of taking such an champu for the role of an hacker.
Jackie: He did good job as an villain though didn't had much of screen space, when you are making an 3hr long movie you should have given sufficient screen space for villain too.
Cameos by Mallika and Prabhu recieved many seeties and taalis.

Last words: Go for it if you loves to watch commercial entertainers shot grandly.
It is definitely logic less but provides laugh through out the movie.
My rating 3/5

by Second Unit Director (75.3k points)
Dude i loved the fight scene with sonu sood. not the fight sequence but the dialogues in btw specially peter and boman
yeah dialogues in b/w were good
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4/5* Just For SRK. (bow)

by Mega Star (230k points)
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Watched HNY today after hectic job days and diwali celebration! It wasn't that bad like few ppl are saying its in a term of HUMSHAKAL,JOKER,TMK or HIMMATWALA! Yes length is a big disadvantage for such commercial masala movie! They should have made movie b/w 2 to 2:30 hours! First half is a bit slow with some good laughing moments! Its after interval that movie picks up good! It could have been a great movie if farah would have made masala heist movie with some more curiosity and suspense elements in it! It was predictable at each moment! Still with some laughing moments it can be watched with family for once! In terms acting, SRK was good! He acted better this time compare to C.E.! Even his comic timing was better! Deepika was decent and looks great! Abhishek finally had a better role (not wasted like in D3)! He was irritating in few scenes but better act after many years! Boman and Sonu Sood were also good! Vivaan Shah was the only one who completely gets neglected in movie! Its a timepass one time watch movie! 2.5/5 from my side( i would have given it a 3 stars if duration of the movie was less)

by Production Accountant (25.4k points)
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Here is my short review-
1. Starcast -
SRK, DEEPIKA, SONU, ABI, BOMAN , VIVAN.... all did excellent job. Overall performance 4/5.

  1. Director- Farah Khan did good job, She did excellent in dance no. as expected but overall

            2.5 /5.
  2. Story - Good

  3. Music - Very good.
  4. Positive - Offcourse SRK & his 8 packs, Comedy, Perfect dance no. , Beautiful city.
  5. Negative - Film duration, Less romance between SRK & DP .

Overall - Its watchable movie. Perfect diwali Entertainment movie. Go for SRK & his 8 packd show. I loved the film very much.
3.5/5 is my rating for HNY.

by Editor (84.9k points)
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Happy New Year is a fun and entertaining film where two opposite genres Hiest and Dance.Farah manages to execute properly............... For Hiest movie has a strong reason behind not stupidity (Like you are a bank defaulterand bank has taken your circus bcz you haven't given loan and then against Bank..or doing robberies for your kick) 1st Half is entertaining as a Farah Khan pure entertainer.Fun element was best so far forme of 2014.......... 2nd Half although lost itspace for 15 mins after interval but bounced back very strongly and Hiest part along with Finale makes movie outstanding.... Performances..... Srk as usual steals the thunder and is best among all...Abhi was good,funny but his role in hiest and that scene where he removes clothes was nothing less than fab. Vivan shah also presented good skills while Sonu didn't fail to impress.Deepika isa very good actresses and her chem with Srk was rocking as usual.In the finale She along with Srk steals the show.She with Manwa lAage and Srk with his dialogue Overall a nice presentation of Dance and Hiest with good small twists in robbery with out an out comedy.. It's Farah Khan's second best film after Main Hoon NA...those who bash the film literally no sense of entertainment. Some reviews I don't believe of people who give 3.5 stars to biggest crap of the year Jai Ho.It doesn't deserve a single star way it is made.They bash MNIk,Oso one of the best films of Srk. .What more you can expect... Cinema was crazy in the film.With Claps frequently in the film.Biggest cheer was not for SRK entry but Deepika introduction"Navel". Lastly Pakistanis cheering at Indiawaale Finale.What can would say more about peace than this. Its solid paisavasool entertainment and by slight margin beats Kick in terms of content and by hugemargin in terms of entertainment only Farah Khan make a solid entertainer with combination of dance and hiest. It would have been much Better if it was 15-20 short. I ll go with 3.5 0.5 for Srk.. 4/5, It shouldcbreak all boxoffice records

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)
@Haider first grow up mahn in Kick he do robberies for d sake of deceased kids n that gives him happiness n satisfaction aka kick.. not robbing for himself first understand.. oh to whom am i saying a srk fan oops..
@Irdwhelp I know but reason is bigger for HNY.....its my point of view like some salman khan fans bash MNIk..D2 and Jai.Ho better than HNY...I liked Kick very much for me it is second best after HNY...But reason was good but not as big as HNY has
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Here is my Review :

Film is about six losers who want to steal diamond by participating in World Dance Competition will they succeed or not forms the rest of the story

1st half: It is entertaining and basically has introduction of Characters and other aspects

2nd half: It becomes a bit slow and takes it time to get the pace but 2nd half is way better than 1st half specially, specially the robbery scene is awesome and shows how it done though dance Competition could have been better and still it's good, acting by Srk is awesome, but it's Abhishek who entertains the most rest 4 actors justified their characters and acted good, Screenplay does falter here and there but later makes it up direction is good by Farah Khan, songs are placed according to situation except Manva Lage all in all it's todu entertainer

My rating:3.5/5

by Assistant Director (54.3k points)
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To Begin With.. the film is tortorous in the first half and strictly watchable in the 2nd half..
Farah Khan truly lives upto the expectations and delivers a sheer masterpiece... :D
Direction is as bad as it could have been but it's better than TMK..
3 hrs is too bear..
The first half is filled with so called comic scenes..which never bring out laughter even if you try to laugh..but there is a section of audience who like the so , called comic gags.. Famous Dialouges from SRK's previous films are forced to make audience whistle and cheer and it actually happens..
2nd half is slightly better .but the dance sequences are utterly irritating...Climax is highly predictable..!!..and you would surely wonder from where the patriotic feeling arised suddenly..???
And Yes , It looks like Farah was n't short of ideas when it came to flaunt SRK's body.!!..Whenever the screenplay dipped..SRK flaunted his body..and why not..??
Songs after every 20 mins are irritating.. , Oh..yes....It was demand of the plot..
Shahrukh Khan 's acting is good and it actually one of the positive aspect the only positive aspect of the film except grand sets and locations..!!..But in some scenes he did overact..
Abhisek Bachchan was irritating throughout ..He vomits and vomits
Sonu Sood was good and he too overacts in some scenes...
Boman Irani had been given the worst role but, he did compared to the others....but his fits moments were damn irritating
Deepika Padukone 's perforamnce is strictly average..again her role was poorly written.
Vivaan Shah is not given enough scope and whatever scope he was given he acted just ok.

Overall Verdict -- The Film is watchable but if you don't like cheap humour and forced out comedy..avoid it...!!.If you can bear the first will like the 2nd it is better from the first half.
Note:My review is unbaised and I have written what I felt...
Rating --2/5

by Super-star (176k points)
I never write biased reviews..I write what I feel about the film..Just share my opinion.!!
Regarding Down Votes....I can only laugh....:D(finger)(rofl)
Movie will cross 250 cr bet lagata hain,abhi pata chal jayega abt ur biasedness or unbiasedness,give ur rating for Bang Bang.
SRK is looking very old in CNWK episode....Agree???

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