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Happy Diwali Bade.. Aapka Bhai Aapko Kafi Yaad Karta Hai.. :)
Diwali ke din bhi itna krodhit ho raha hai ? haha.. Chal koi nahi.. And main nahi yaad karta tujhe.. Happy Diwali @CRIMU
Nahi Yeh Ho Nahi Sakta Ki, Meri Yaad Na Aaye,
Mujhe Bhulne Se Pahle Teri Jaan Chali Jaye... Hihi (rofl)
Just kidding. 8-)
# 5 and 6 r still watchable!!

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"Perhaps that’s because we have the national average IQ of a pre-adolescent 10-year-old who laughs at anything remotely sexist, anti-, phallic or -shaped. And if that wasn’t enough, Tushar Kapoor shows us his ** crack which has to be the lowest moment in human history." - hahaha hilarious (rofl)

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@Ird heyyy I'm sorry woh thoda gusse mein tha uss waqt yaar...
Its ok brother n i'm sorry too..
Happy Diwali n congrats in advance for d mega success of HNY in future.. (party)
yoo thanks... (party) aaj mera birthday bhi hai...(party) (party)
Many more returnz of d Day..(^)
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Lol,what an idiot author he/she is.Kick,D3,K3 were all decent movies.Even Heyy Baby was good.

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Well if Dhoom3,Krissh 3 and Kick werent made then we will never see Haider as meherbaani of this big movies that induatry is getting huge money and this money is also invested in Small movies.if Big movies wont be made then most of the theatres will shutdown.Haider doesnt make any money for Shahid but R..Rajkumar still did.

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''Haider as meherbaani of this big movies''??? Oh, please shut up your mouth. Haider is made under VB production. Okay?? And, I never see Vishal making any big budget and stupid movies like Krrish, Dhoom, and Kick?? So, how the **** here big movies box office getting invested in small budget movies?? And, How many time you see Grandson, YRF,  Rakesh Roshan production investing their money in small and content driven movies like Haider.. Leave Vishal Bhardwaj's Haider, they care that much about money, I've never seen they invest in Anurag, Hansal Mehta, Vikramidtya Motwani, Soojit Sircar and many more like these directors' movies.
So, don't talk like meharbani... Arre meharbani to Haider jaisa movie kar raha hai Bollywood par, kuchh to laaj bachi huyi hai Bollywood ki.. But, people cant understand like you Jo har kuchh ko paise se tolte rahte hai..
then why they sold it to UTV.its only on big movies like Kick and Ce this banners are surviving..
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