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Paid Media will surely say best opening .
in Movies by Camera Operator (10.9k points) 4 flags

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sorry friend but

tumse nahi ho payega (if u know what i mean)

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
ye to bas bang bang dekhe...
lolz waise bhi mujhe koi interest ni hai HNY me
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not at all dude, bang bang had good advance booking but not better den HNY. Btw how can u say this while everywhere its showing that HNY has best advance booking of the year so far? just by ur sixth sense?

by Super-star (169k points)
NO I have seen it myself and I dont care about Media, HNY is very huge in Hyderabad but so was BB but HNY is in more screens and still of the same level.
BB had better advances in NCR for sure and a little better in Mumbai.
so u have seen in Hyderabad, so comparing advance booking all over India of HNY & Bang Bang? BB indeed had around 18cr of advance booking in total, and according to multiplex owners, HNY will collect around 20cr by advance booking (first day)
He agree with u, his sixth sense said
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So you don't understand lol HNY advance booking started on wednesday that is tommorow and bb was started many days before how can you even compare lol and what about spot booking those people who buy tickets on the very day of film's release and even in only 2 days HNY will record much better advances then bb whose advances started many days ago

by All Time best! (269k points)
lolz BB started tuesday.

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