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Srk's HNY will make very big records in dubai,uk,usa,france,germany,pak,australia nd all other major overseas countries

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This is called Grand.Will Hollywood stars be in

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Grand, just like grand....................

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enter image description here

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Iska to dusra ghar dubai hi hai,teesra to India hai,now guess pehla.

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I knw abt london,woh 4th hai,bt i was referring to original home.
navo talk about srk more than aamir sometimes i think that his favorite is srk not aamir and he is fooling us with his behaviour i mean most time he talks about srk and about aamir he talks very less
Navoarsenal teri kyu jal rahi haaaai..........................
aamir ke paas footi kodi bhi nai hai...haha

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