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It will be very good.Now Baby could have a 60 cr weekend is on.So sureshot 100 cr grosser.Akki will be back with a bang!

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Great news if true , now baby has chance to cross 100 crores which will be good for that type of genre

by Casting Director (18.1k points)
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great...btw welcome back bro...beware bhai fans ur biggest nightmare is here...

by Assistant Director (46.5k points) 1 flag
Why Akshay Kumar does so many movies in a year??????
Why Akshay Kumar does so many movies in a year??????
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Hopefull baby will benifit from this and cross 100 cr. Akshay has a really good line up of films next year and all he needs are some good release dates.

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Bro, is welcome back really postpone ? and if it then it's great news as baby looks a film with good content and has every chance to cross 100 cr., and the lineup which akshay has it will be a great start of next year.

by Assistant Director (52.7k points)

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