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Ab ye kuch jyada hi ho gaya..
I dont need them to accept anything because i Know Srk is biggest star..pre 2010 many diwali releases failed.You can huge opening on diwali only if you have Srk or others star with trailer and songs been liked.If PremRatan... trailer and songs wont appreciated then it wont get opening on same level as Hny will get..Just looks at K3 it did just 1cr more then what Ce did on Eid..
It will stardom of Srk only which will make it cross 38cr on opening day and 105cr on weekend..Promotion doesnt matter much as Kick and Dhoom 3 even without promotion did well.Increasing screens mean lowering the occupancy and nothing else.

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Exactly! +1
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It's the biggest, most promoted film of the year with the widest release ever for a Bollywood film. Plus it's a multi-starter releasing on the biggest national holiday. No excuses please! :D

by Assistant Director (54.0k points)
But flop trailer/below average songs/flop director/no dhoom brand........
Salman Khan just walked out when Akshay received "1000Crs hero award" lol
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No Starpower Superstar? Then who is SRK mahn!

by Super-star (189k points)
lol he trolled himself (rofl)
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dont pay ur attention to these retard psychopaths

Srk was,is nd will always remain no1,The only global megastar of india,The king,Baadshah of Bollywood... so no need to fall to d level of those 2rs user....

Bottomline-SRK in commercial entertainer is baap of all small stars,his every masala movie became highest grosser ...Eg.Main hoo na,oso,rnbdj,ce nd now HAPPY NEW YEAR

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
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You just admitted that SRK is no starpower superstar, so all credit to Deepika....

by Assistant Director (52.4k points)
Check Pm when u are free
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Hahahaha....................their next excuses already getting on answer

by Producer (115k points)
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Yes , SRK is god as he has 3.6 bil fans worldwide..!!
What about high promotions..and multistarer... and one the best ..or probably the best release date...??///..This question is one of the lamest excuse one can give...
And more thing Dhoom 3 was non-holiday release

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Dhoom is biggest brand of india.
dhoom 3 non holiday release? agreed but it was released in holiday period in which even weekdays are semi holidays and christmas is always better date than diwali.
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Hny is promoted everywhere+ holiday release. Beat Ace Khan's dhoom 3 then we will talk

by Producer (107k points)
doom 3 was not bcoz of aamir khan, it earned bcoz of dhoom brand
Ya dhoom brand>>> Hny+ King right?
Getting a dhoom brand itself showed how big Ace is
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What did I read? No superstar? Lol. Then who the hell is srk? And farah made two blockbusters too. Remember? I don't remember such sympathy at the time of Bang bang when a few ppl were tearing it down here. And now all excuses are already prepared? This is the most ridiculous question I've read.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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SRK fans showing their brain :D

by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
bcoz we have it and u dont have brain, hence u cant show it
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Highest promoted movie, one of the highest budget, many big star, combo of successful jodis Srk-farah and srk-deepika, no. 1 actress of current time, biggest holiday of the year. There can't be anything more you ask for. ALso for your information Dhoom 3 released on a normal Friday.

by Producer (101k points)
lol before movie release u said ,trailer was avg,song were avg ,action scenes were poor now saying everything is good ..height of double standard
dude i said I din't like the trailer. Now have I said "I liked the trailer". Srk fans only know how to modify facts
@burnout paradise: Who is deepika then? She is no 1 right now.
If Deepika is a big star, then Finding fanny wouldn't have been Disaster.. Now don't say that it has low appeal.. If Kangana can give a 60 Cr grosser with Queen with less appeal, then why Deepika can't?
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Trailer is average not flop and songs are average apart from manwa laage! Agree director is flop! And for your kind information brand or sequel doesnot matter for a film to collect huge numbers and if this was the case then films like Kick, Chennai Express etc wouldn't have collected that huge! Apart from that don't insult Srk! He is a big superstar and he can attract many audiences! Moreover HNY is backed by YRF what you need more! Lets hope for the best.

by Production Designer (12.2k points)

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