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SRK had 15 Hits while Aamir just 2.What a beating he got by King Khan.In overseas he was a total flop in front of King Khan.No big banner was interested in him due to his poor box office standing.

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Bhai maaf karde aamir fans ko.....dey dunt know wat a STAR is.....
Aamir is the only one who had a film in top 10 every year since 95 when he had a major release.

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Aamir Khan Best Phase Just Started after Tare Zameen Paar and Ghajini , and after that good content movies have safed him, While Salman is just running in his golden phase his films are totally based on his stardom, while Shahrukh always being on safer side Mr Dependable & Consistent. its Like Samsung takes the top spot for a while but Apple continues to remain Dependable and Consistent.

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Mangal pandey didn't have 40cr budget,it was lesser,bt i never said it wasnt a big film.But that doesnt mean paheli was a small film.Did i ever say talaash was a small film coz of appeal,uska to paheli se bhi kam appeal hai
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA navo aj mujhe hasa hasa k marne ka irada le kar utha tha aj subah
Lol....Talaash ka appeal Paheli se kam hai?lol...i doubt you are Navo....i think someone is using your id......
Hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha..........Navo pagal hogya h bilkul.....Navo, take rest....comeback marein jb dimagh thek hojaye(y)
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baazigar,kyun le raha hai becharo ki...rahem kar...hahahaha negligible fan base..rofl

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He deserved it in the 90s but At present, Aamir is enjoying good success everywhere...
Aamir's one show>> Funny's lifetime!...

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No of hair on Anupam Kher's head >>> No of Funny Deol's fan .

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Still he was giving films in top 10 of the year,many times in top 5-6

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lol...excuses! (giggle)
SRK has been more consistent then aamir since 1992. LOL SRK aur aamir ka comparison hi nahi hai consistency mein. when it comes to consistency aamir is paani kam chaye compared to SRK
Conclusion: Navo cries.....n SRKians laugh:D:D
as I said earlier "Barking is Temporary, Crying is Permanent!!!"

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