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Bol Beliya song from Kill Dill. Govinda saves it but damn it leaves nothing to imagine from the movie's script now.

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the buzz is very low , many of my friends don't know about this film , now you can guess how much is the buzz , god knows when there will no dance numbers and songs in our movies to promote it ,

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Without Govinda dancing or anybody dancing, this movie will get no buzz.

In India, when it comes to masses they'll ask 3 things,
hero kaun hai?
action scenes kaisa hai?
dance kaisa hai?

It won't change anytime sooner & I expect it to not change in the longer period too.
Its very tough to do away with dance numbers and songs for promoting a bollywood film. If we follow Hollywood style of promotions, by releasing 1 teaser before 6 months and 1/2 more before film release. Then there is no need for us to go to theatre for watching hindi film. They are finding it tough to not reveal the story in 1 trailer due paper thin plots. Without songs if they have to reveal film teasers then it will spell doom on themselves.
Commercial films main disadvantage is that only. Not just Indian films even Hollywood suffers from the same.


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