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Bang Bang suffers badly in Mumbai circuit - BOI

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Bang Bang has suffered badly in Mumbai circuit and that is the reason why its collection will be be below expectations.. The film will collect in 20 crore nett less in Mumbai circuit than Singham returns and a huge 30 crore nett less than Kick.

Bang Bang grossed 7.75 crore nett in Mumbai city in week one (8 days) while Singham Returns with a more mass feel grossed 9 crore nett in just seven days. In a centre like Mumbai city it should have done better than Singham Returns. Ahmedabad the second biggest centre in the circuit would not have been expected to be at Singham Returns level but the gap in business was unthinkable before release.

Basically the lifetime figures in Ahmedabad of Bang Bang will get no where near the the week one figures of Singham Returns. In the first week (8 days) Bang Bang grossed 3.15 crore nett in Ahmedabad while the business of Singham returns was 6 crore nett. Singham Returns is an unbelievable 90% more. In Mumbai circuit, Bang Bang grossed 31.97 crore nett (8 days) while Kick grossed 49.15 crore nett and Singham Returns grossed 46.55 crore nett.

The gaps between Bang Bang and the other two big films are huge in Mumbai circuit and it is due to this circuit that Bang Bang is an under performer. If the film had emerged with even 10% less business than Kick or Singham Returns in Mumbai over its eight days it would have made a huge difference to the final outcome of the film.

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Mumbai people are too much biased towards star or genre....In Gujarat either Salman or Genre works..In Mumbai city its Srk because Ce did business on same level as D3....Even though difference in lifetime is 60cr..Other then Koi mila gaya and KNPH i dont think any other Hr movie did similar business to other circuits..I think business of CE in Mumbai city will more then double the business of Bang Bang....

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Leave CE........Ra-one have more lifetime collection than bang bang in mumbai circuit.
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Ra-one have more lifetime collection than bang bang in mumbai circuit..very strange but its true infact 1st week collection of Ra-one (around 32.5 cr ) is slightly more than 1st week collection of bang bang ( around 32 cr ) in mumbai territory.....

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Jab insaan ka Bura waqt chal raha hota hai toh uske saath Aisa hi hota hai
First of all he doesn't get good release dates
And this time he got good dates
But with a clash
Aur he got clashed with critically acclaimed film
Then it gt 1,2 ratings and very much mixed wom
Then releases on 3200 screens Hindi and 3400 screens all over
And in ap it release only in 100 screens
But still it's doing good business
If there were no ramcharan and other movies then it would have released on 250 screens plus
And collected more than 15cr
So 10cr loss

If it had solo release it wud have definitely done 180-200cr for sure
But still it's an underperformer
Expected min 170cr

by Location Manager (7.9k points)
That's why I always said it a film like this deserves a solo releases
Coz reviews don't affect collection and ppl will have no choice other than bang. Bang and there would be no negativity too

Jo hua so hua
Let's hope mohenjadaro lives up to expectations
I love Ashutosh gowariker movies Laggan,swades,Jodha akbar. I have seen them many times. Expecting no less. Its going to be a  magnum opus. I'm having huge expectations on it. But i wish it will be a eid/diwali release beacuse its a very big movie with international technicians so budget will be very high. Movies like these require holiday release.Anyway lets see.I hope it will be a benchmark for historic movies.
what bura waqt? problem for bang bang was the content (though i found it better than kick, dhoom 3) not being good enough not any bad luck....thats why it got mixed word of mouth and underperformed.
Clash was the primary reason for underperformance


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