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SRK, HR, Aamir or Salman .....Who is looking more dashing on bike? see below pics.

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Do post if you have any better pic of these stars on bikes!

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I dont have a exact pic...but the one in dhoom 2 climax for hrithik
do you have any other better pics of 3 khans?
check this...for aamir i dont know any bike pics other than dhoom 3

7 Answers

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Considering the pics you've chosen (Srk pic is not visible I don't know why but if my guess is right you might've shared Srk from Don 2)

Srk in Don 2 > Salman Khan in Ek Tha Tiger > Hrithik Roshan in Bang Bang > Aamir in Dhoom 3

If you had shared Hrithik from Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai or even Dhoom 2 then Hrithik would be ahead of Srk by a distance but for me Hrithik would always look good in a car.

But if you take off screen then Salman Khan wins by a distance. Bikes in real life belong to Salman Khan. And also if you had shared any other pic of Salman Khan on bike apart from the one from Jai Ho then he could even go past Srk, considering on screen ones.

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how many bikes do salman have in real life?
Instantly I remember these 3 only..
1. Suzuki Intruder M1800 RZ Limited Edition
2. Suzuki Hayabusa
3. Suzuki GSX-R1000Z

But Salman has had more bikes in his collection ranging from mass bikes to superbikes for decades.
I came to know by you only that he is a bike-lover!
Oh definitely. And when it comes to cars collections, Salman & Srk fight like anything because both of them have terrific taste & craze in cars. If you want to see best car collection in Bollywood then it's Salman & Srk.
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In above pics Srk looks best followed by Hrithik. If you have put D2 bike scene of HR then it would have been Hr followed by Srk. I especially liked the look of SRK very much.

by Producer (103k points)
I wanted to put that D2 pic...but couldn't find it...
nonetheless look of srk in bike is my fav. Scene from d2. I thought it was an game changing moment in the movie. But sadly farhan put the scene on closing scene.
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Dashing to nahi hai par D3 se better hai .

by Cinematographer (91.3k points)
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Srk wins here, Srk always looks great on bike. Even bike on OSO was superb

by Producer (115k points)
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Instead of jai ho if you have put Ett climax scene salman will be by miles ahead

post that pic if u can...
I don't know to post through mobile .or else I would have posted before only
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SRK in Don 2>Salman in Ek Tha Tiger>Hrithik in Bang Bang > Aamir in D3

by Director (121k points)
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(1) Srk. (2) Hrirhik. (3) Salman. (4) Aamir

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)


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