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Dharmendra 1969-1982


Films : 75

Hits : 22

Semi Hits : 9

Hit Ratio : 30 %

Success Ratio : 42 %


Amitabh Bachchan 1973-1986


Films : 60

Hits : 20

Semi Hits : 12

Hit Ratio : 33 %

Success Ratio : 54 %


Shah Rukh Khan 1995-2008


Films : 43

Hits : 16

Semi Hits : 2

Hit Ratio : 37 %

Success Ratio : 42 %


India's 3 Biggest Mega Stars who Dominated Box Office for 14 years and were Highly Consistent in delivering Hits every year.No Average Film is considered as Superstars should be judged on Hits.

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consistency redefined

salute to d self made megastars of india nd from 10 year later Srk will top d list with most no of hits with best success ratio

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
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Totally agree. Srk is the biggest superstar for almost 15 years. So were ab and Dharam paaji

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Yeh they rock..................!!

by Camera Operator (10.7k points)
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Shah Rukh Khan is in the list ....that means this list is perfect!

by Assistant Director (57.6k points)
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Salman has 6 Blockbusters in last 4 years while SRK has 6 Blockbusters from 1995 from 2008....ha ha.....Salman gives bigger hits ......

by Director (121k points)
@puneet tu salman fan hai, toh zaahir hai tujhe ginti(counting) nahi aati hai.....SRK ki 7 BB hain aur HNY 8th hogi
KA;DDLJ;K3G;KKHH;OSO;RNBDJ are 6 BB of Salman from 1995-2008......Bakra Fans ko ginti kahan aati??????
Oh ho aise jaa raha hai, toh zara yeh bhi dekh le Salman ne 1989 se 2009(21 saal) tak bas 4 BB diye aur SRK ne 1995 se 2008(14 saal) tak 6 BB diye. Wo toh jai ho south remakes ki jinhone CHINKARA BHAI ka career doobne se bacha liya.....
KA,DDLJ,DTPH,KKHH,K3G,Mohabbatein(almost BB,don't know why BOI didn't give),CDI,OSO,RNBDJ,CE.....9 Blockbusters hai idiot theek se dekh....

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