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Who Deserved the Best Debut in 2003 : Shahid Kapoor in Ishk Vishk or John Abraham in Jism ?

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And Jism or Ishk Vishk and Anu Malik for Ishk Vishk or M M Kreem for Jism.

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John n M.M.Kareem i think.....sure about M.M.Kareem but have a doubt abt John cz 2no films dekhay kaafi arsa hogya

4 Answers

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Shahid Kapoor made a better debut than John Abraham. It took quite sometime for John to get hold of himself as an actor.

As far music goes, Ishq Visk is something not genuine but Jism's music was the haunting kind. It had a larger impact. So it's Jism all the way.

As for the movie goes, Ishq Vishk was your run-on-the-mill college love story which was entertaining due to the fresh faces. But Jism had much better content. As far the movie goes I don't rate both of them higher but I would pick Jism since Ishq Vishk has run it's validity.

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I found Shahid better........

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)
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obviously Shahid.....................

by Production Accountant (24.3k points)
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tere mein khud aqal nahe... khud soch lai na ....ager khud se jawab nahe milta to mat pouch .... jo hona tha ho gaya..... tere pouchnay se awards agay peechay ho jayein aur dosre kisi ko mil jayein ??? dumasss

by Super-star (198k points)
wah nova wah......where is jalil? you know?
jalil a gaya hai kal se kafi answers daikhay hain uskay.... darkjalil k naam se hai
Chp Hij*****


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