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Marigols collected 80 lakhs........................sallu Swades jaisi film 100 janam mein nahin kar sakta 2rs ka actor.

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Peepli live released in plex whereas Swadesh and Paheli released in SS era...Market completely change for offbeat films in plex you cant compare both..

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whats the difference of collections of these three movies and whos starring in each???
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sabki pasand britania marigold- Swasth Khao,

Tanman Jagao...

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Hahah (y)
buhahha....what a fantastic answer.....i m sure Grand nova ny bhi enjoy keya hoga :P :D:D
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Paheli and Dhobi Ghat both were Below Averages...if collection>verdict,then SRK's CE>Salman's whole career(WW)....PL wasn't Aamir's movie.
Ab Salman se nahin ho raha hai,to Aamir ka naam lena pad raha hai..Jai Ho ko 4300 screens par release karke bhi Hit nahin kar paya....Shame On Salman and his fans.

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Ab Salman se nahin ho raha hai,to Aamir ka naam lena pad raha
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I don't know exactly but Peepli Life collection is around 5 times more than a film call Marigold

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its 50 times pagle!!!!!!!!
hahahaha........Marigold roxx(rock)

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