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Yes the movie is great even can be called a masterpiece but for only for a small section of people. It had limited infact very limited appeal. While watching it you hardly hear a wistle, laughter or even clap sounds. This movie is dark very dark that may not go with large portion of Indian auidence. What I think is movie being over classed. In front on Haider even the movies like S26, Lootera will look massy. Other than the Bismil song and Sahid Ballad scene you hardly feel adrenaline rush going inside you. And this I think is too harsh on auidence because not everyone had the patience to sit for 2-3 hr for finale. But, this I think is not the case with everyone. Many would have liked it like a never before and thats because of the fact that Haider is made for them only not everyone can enjoy such movies. And I fall in the category of intermediates...
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I don't think its a masterpiece , it don't deserve more than 4 stars as a movie it is 3.5/5 but I give extra 0.5 for cinematography & acting so total 4/5 ........ overall it was a great movie ... definitely the best movie of 2014 so far .......

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I will put Queen, Highway and Holiday ahead of it and I will rate it 3.5/5.
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I gave it a 4/5,why i didn't put it in the masterpiece category is coz i think first half stretched too much and pace in parts dropped more than needed,one song was unnecessary..And BGM was ok to good but in such films,it needs to be fantastic..Other than that,everything was great..

by All Time best! (295k points)
And I will rate 3.5/5 the reason behind my rating I described above. Moreover there is lack of reasoning behind the occurances throughout.
3.5/4 ya 3.5/5
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Lootera was even more classy then Haider..Narration of Lootera was even slow then Haider.
coming back to your review..i think movie cant be called as MasterPiece.matlab critics ne 5* de diye to had lost the grip in some portion.and masterpieces are not like that....

by Super-star (161k points)
1st I have clearly stated that this isn't a review, it just what I feel about it.
Then bro, I or you alone cann't decide what is masterpiece and what is not. I have seen people who hated movie like, MNIK, OMG, Kahani and many masterpieces. So, it better to present it as opinion our rather then the decision of many.

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