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Also where would the nearby college couples pass their time and where would nearby workers sleep for sometime
in Opinion by All Time best! (295k points)

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Hahaha who said Maratha Mandir would be close? lol

by Super-star (169k points)
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At your house,btw you look very ugly on FB

by Location Manager (6.0k points)
I've no pic on fb,bt still i can guarantee even if i dont bath and shave for 100 days,u'd still look like a gorilla in front of me lol.
@Navo***Gas i know you gave me a down vote but i dont care,i still love you:*
btw you look ugly on facebook,same face as you had as your dp in old forum in the begining.
Still,not a gorilla like u lol
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in Aamir's Pali Hill home for free no need of 20rs....

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
Aamir doesn't stay at Pali hill anymore
of course HHH.....after all he is the Home Minister.....pora saal ghar par he betha rhta hai.....vela kahen ka......but main usay 10rupees zaroor dn ga cz he is dying to earn figure 10...if u know what i mean :P
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Better u think of ur mountain,....................

by Producer (115k points)

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