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SRK - Off screen charisma, Unmatched Wit, Intelligence & fast thinking
Aamir - Different, Doesnt follow any one , Secluded Aura he maintains
Hrithik - Good looks & acting, Down to earth, Dance

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1) He’s a self-made
Shah Rukh Khan


He lived a decidedly middle-class
life and had no family in the film
industry – yet he took his
career into his own hands,
started off with a few
television serials, forayed into
films and then from there made
his own way to the top!
2) He’s dedicated.
Shah Rukh Khan (photo
courtesy |
Making his way to the top was
a result of mostly his dedication.
He often claims to be
workaholic, always needing to
do something to feel satisfied.
His passion for his work is
perhaps the biggest reason why
he is Shah Rukh Khan today.
3) He’s entertaining.
Shah Rukh Khan
He goes beyond being just an
actor, and is in fact an
entertainer in the truest sense.
His sharp wit and affable grin
make him a treat to watch.
4) He’s good looking.
Shah Rukh Khan (photo
courtesy |
At first glance, he may not
have the conventional hero
looks. But there’s something so
distinctively SRK about him that
makes him one attractive man.
And, of course, his recent six-
pack doesn’t hurt at all.
5) He has the cutest
Shah Rukh Khan
One of the main reason behind
his attractiveness are those
darned dimples. Probably the
best in the industry, one flash
of those dimples coupled with
his humble smile, and even the
stoniest of hearts can turn into
a puddle of goo.
6) He can make you
laugh and cry.
Shah Rukh Khan


Case in point: Kal Ho Naa Ho. He
made me crack up during the
first half, and cry a river during
the second half. He knows how
to work people’s emotions, one
of his greatest strengths as an
7) He’s the ultimate
romantic hero.
Shah Rukh Khan (photo
courtesy |


He makes you want to fall in
love with love, and then with
him. From his classic pose to his
dialogue delivery to his warm
smiles, everything about him
screams romance.
8) He shows variety in
his acting.
Shah Rukh Khan (photo
courtesy |


Despite being the ultimate
romantic hero, he’s played
several other types of
characters in his illustrious
career as well. He’s played an
autistic adult, a hard-hitting
coach, and was even a villain
back before it wasn’t cool to
be one.
9) He respects women.
Shah Rukh Khan
One of the greatest qualities of
SRK is his respect for women. In
one Simi Garewal
interview, in particular, he was
asked whether he thinks he
comes across as feminine
because of the way he
understands and relates to
women. Instead of balking at
the idea like most would, he
instead said that being
compared to a woman is an
honor for him.
10) He’s a smart
Shah Rukh Khan
He, of course, works the
creative side of films – but
doesn’t fail to understand that
the industry is a business and
should be treated as such. From
his brand endorsements to
marketing his film Ra.One (and
ensuring that the marketing
costs were covered through
brand tie-ups), he’s shown he’s
an astute businessman.
11) He’s a
Shah Rukh Khan
He’s a great businessman but
doesn’t forget to give back –
et we don’t tend to hear that
much about his charity. He’s
associated with the causes of
polio, AIDS, cancer, child labour
and many more. In addition, he’s
on the board of directors of
Make a Wish Foundation India, is
the ambassador of Water
Supply and Sanitation
Collaborative Council, and has
adopted villages during the
NDTV Greenathons.
12) He’s charming.
Shah Rukh Khan (photo
courtesy | Rediff)


I’m fairly certain he’s the most
charming man in the industry.
He knows how to say the right
things and how to work the
crowd – when you put those
things together with his smile,
dimples and warm eyes, you’ve
got a guy who can turn you
into a puddle of goo in ten
seconds, flat.
13) He makes
everyone feel special.
Shah Rukh Khan
In so many interviews I’ve read
of his, the interviewers seem to
be absolutely taken by his
charm and his ability to make
you feel like you’re incredibly
special. I remember the first
time I met him – I stretched
out my hand to shake his, he
specially came around to give
me a handshake, said a quick
“bye” and then did his routine
headpat. Of course, I melted and
wondered if I should ever wash
my hand again!
14) He’s an
Shah Rukh Khan (photo
courtesy | Rediff)


His success story makes a lot of
people believe they can do it,
too. And actress Tara
Sharma Saluja said she
did one of her first ads with
him, and he was sweet, helpful,
and made her want to go into
15) He’s a family man.
Shah Rukh Khan and family


He’s devoted to his wife and
can’t get enough of talking
about his kids. They truly seem
to make his world go round –
just have a look at this earlier
post we did to see what we
16) He’s a good
Shah Rukh Khan (photo
courtesy | Huffington Post)


He always seems at ease with
himself, and comfortable when
speaking to a large audience.
What makes him an especially
good speaker is the fact that
he’s not afraid to laugh at
17) He posts
interesting tweets.
Shah Rukh Khan
From his philosophical pondering
to quotes to random thoughts,
SRK’s tweets prove to be
inspirational, fodder for
thought, and sometimes just
darn entertaining!
18) He’s a
Shah Rukh Khan
After the release of Kuch Kuch
Hota Hai, the youth tried to
ape his college fashion. And till
today, people still utter his “K-
k-k-Kiran” with full intensity!
19) He’s a good
Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan
(photo courtesy | Glamsham)
He has numberous friendships
within the industry, and they
always talk about what a
wonderful person he is. Despite
the fact that he’s had trouble
with many of them (what’s a
friendship without ups and
downs?), he’s always made
20) He’s humble.
Shah Rukh Khan (photo
courtesy | Rediff)


Even after being hugely
successful, he’s managed to
keep his feet on the ground. A
few ego trips notwithstanding,
he’s managed to appear both
humble and graceful. His apology
for the Wankhede brawl on
national television surely earned
him some respect.
Here’s wishing SRK a happy 20
years and hopefully another 20
years full of success. Meanwhile,
why don’t you tell us what are
the reasons that make you love

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1)He is a self-made and self-fed
person coming from a ordinary
family Background with no
sources to Bollywood,no friends
or relatives and still, he
managed to create a charm
which no other actor,ever can
do.That surely means,that this
man has something,something
distinct from other actors.A
huge international fan
following,ultimately,he rules the
2)His scintillating and glorious
acting skills. No actor other
than him can create that magic
that he creates when he comes
on screen.The romance,the
style,the feelings,cannot be
depictedby anyone else in the
Industry.Even in his every
dialogue,there is a charismatic
feeling. Srk haters might not
see that because of hatred,but
Their inner heart could surely
make out.You can compare him
in any romantic song,"the way
he enjoys it","The way he acts
in it", "his expressions are so
3)He is a great family
person.Despite of the haters,he
rules and has never lost his
integrity and charm.
4)He has really portrayed some
of the best characters such as
in Swades,Chak De India, Dilwale
Dulhania Le Jayenge and many
more.Even the actors coming
from big industrial family
backgrounds can't portray them
as the way he did.He can
serious,as sweet as honey,as
bad as a gangster and as
romantic as rose when it comes
to the role he plays and his
So in a nutshell,He is a
wonderful actor and there are
infinite reasons for his
And you know what?He is a
great charity type of person!He
never shows or highlights it
though.we all must have heard
about the doantion and
charities done by Salman Khan,
But hardly about SRk. And this
is because he believes in inner-
Yes, he is proud and a little
arrogant today,but the right to
make him proud has been given
by us because he deserves
it.Today,People from nook and
corners of the world know
him,and this all he has earned
to achieve whatever he has
His modest,
nature is what makes hi
mgreat.His attitude towards life
is what makes me like him.!
Dear haters,please don't be
jealous of him on his
success,victory or triumph when
you were not there during his
struggle. or battle!
Today he has got everything he
comfort,life of ease!HE is a
winner in all aspects,-
truthfulness,charity every single
thing!HE is so very perfect!
He has strived to attain all this
and he has!
He is a living legend and we
should so so respect him!
He Do nated 2.5 million
Indian rupees to PM,
Manmohan Singh for Tsunami
Relief camp.
In NDTV's Greenathon event of
2009, he adopted 5
villages and Adopted
further 12 villages in
2012 event.
He did many Concerts to
raise money for
Earthquake affected
When His Movie , Which is
Bollywood's Biggest Budget
Movie was been premiered in
Dubai, a High Profile dinner was
arranged and the money
raised was given to
orphan village.
He was Honored by
UNSECO, United
nations affiliated
Organization for his
charity works and
thus became the first
Indian to get it.
He was Appointed first GLOBAL
ambassador of UNOPS, which is
working to improve the lifestyle
of People. He was Closely
associated with 'Make a
wish foundation' which
worked to fullfill the
Wishes of poor
children across India.
He Always Share the
profits of the movies he
Produce with Production staff.
He's been Involved in
many Anti AIDS
campaigns since 2004.
He wants to remain Low
profile and Secretive
as far as his Charity is
He, in an interview with
'Guardian' was Quoted as Saying
' I follow Quran which
says if you do charity
for a reason, it's not a
He, in an interview with CNN,
said ' My friends advice
me to have
Photoraphs whole
doing charity but i
don't believe in it'.
It's Really important to highlight
because People think he's
selfish and Greedy.

Source-from internet i am posting all this for dehati user like imran nd co so that they wont disrespect Baadshah
(coffee)(coffee)(coffee)(coffee)(coffee)(coffee)(coffee)(coffee) ....finished these cups of coffee while reading it....
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Emraan hashmi - risk taking ability
Aamir khan - intelligence
Deepika - cleavage
Sonam - teeth
Sonakshi -forehead

by Star (151k points)
sonakshi-forhead rofl
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Aamir Khan :- Always try something different

Ranbir :- Real life playboy just like me

SRK :- No matter how many bad films he do , he will remain one of ny favourites just because of his role in DDLJ

by Production Accountant (28.1k points)
So u like raj???
@abe tyler,kal tak to tere 3 fav aamir,ranbir,hrithik te ab bang bang ke debacle ke baad phir srk ka fan ban gaya?
shit Hrithik ke baare main likhna bhul gaya !!! LOL
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His mentality, his talent, his brain speed, his personality, his sense of humour....................

Yes I'm talking about SHAH RUKH KHAN

by Producer (115k points)
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Sunil Shetty - Great action hero. He was one actors that ruled the 90s with his good action movies and performance.

Akshay Kumar - Good actor that always entertains his audience no matter if his movies flop or not. He always has good chemistry with heroines that he plays opposite.

Ajay Devgan - Brilliant actor. There's always something special about him when he gives a good performance especially when he does intense roles.

Sanjay Dutt - Nobody can play a gangster role better than him. Ajay Devgan is only one that can match to him when comes to playing that role.

Govinda - The king of comedy. Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor are the only actors that can match him when comes to doing a comic role.

Preity Zinta - Just way too pretty and a superb actress as well.

by Assistant Director (44.0k points)
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Akshay Kumar - Self made superstar, very hard working, does not like to waste producers money. But above all big entertainer for his fans like me.

by Casting Director (18.1k points)

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