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Problem is SRK's films don't release in Antarctica,the world's end(potc3 me tha woh jagah),bermuda triangle where majority of his fans live.

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u desperately need mental help,consult some psychiatrist near home before u becomes completely mad...may god bless u r mental condition..amen

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
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He is known by 3.5 billions, highest ever for any film star. He is known by at least 10-12cr bangladeshi but we can't even contribute rs1 for film. I hope u got the fact

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I know history,probably you didn't.And since i don't follow any religion,i can see things with a broader mind.
Knowing nothing is better than half knowing....................
Lol i have studied a lot of history mate,specially Indian and European history.
May be....................there is some people who denied real thing although they know it
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Aree CE ka collection more than 4 billion tha....

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abe nri jara dhank ka sawal puch kya bachon jaisa sawal puch raha hai king is king okkkkkkkkkk aamuru 9 hit actor fact is fact

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maine suna hai mars par bhi srk ke fans mile hai . is that true ?

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Then,why Salman has 50 flops???Only 19 CLEAN HITS.Salman has only 19 Fans?

by Director (123k points)
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3.5 billion who? mosquitoes?

by Assistant Director (52.4k points)

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