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locked with the note: Read Only.
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Kindly make the recently answered question come on top instead of recently posted question
Feedback Noted.

I made a conscious decision to keep it this way to ensure that the latest questions don't get drowned out by hot topics and end up without receiving responses.

What do you think?
The one which is getting answers is the most hot topic and should stay above any other regular update. That's my view. You can look into it and decide. The moment we see TB or Suhas or Intense answering a question, we open it again n again. If it doesn't show up on homepage that who did the last activity, for me the forum will be very less interesting than it was
I changed it back to recent questions and answers right after your feedback. :)

If you have any other feedback, feel free to share here anytime.
Thanks. And for sure I will share more feedback. Afterall we own this forum from last ten years in whichever form it existed

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It feels great to be back again on the forum after so long. Almost 3 years. Daaamn.

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More like 2.
i have not been on this forum since 2013. good to see this alive again. been busy in life.
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Shah Rukh Khan has revived Bollywood, YRF, Deepika & John and revived this forum now.

I know who my GOAT is.

by Level 15 (5.3k points) 1 2 37
Finally Forum is Back, IDK what made this much long to Revive Forum. Does Forum was also waiting for SRK to give comeback?

Literally I was frustrated daily to check with no updates in forum.

Thank God finally Forum is back and expecting all members to to have Healthy conversations and take this IBO forum another level.
Were you a part of the earlier forum ?
Yes Bro, It is Sampath Kumar

Infact I was the 1st one it seems who asked status of this IBO Forum to Charlie Jatinder in another Forum.
i dont know if someone remembers me from the old forum from 2013
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Good to see the forum back
And good to be back here myself as well

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Nice to be back after Pathaan's record breaking success. It will be nice to be here seeing SRK rule Bollywood again at his 50s and 60s.

I still remember that my last comments were during Zero vs KGF and I was banned for a while.

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Finally back ….. after a very very long time …. And what a time when SRK is ruling all over missed u guys though getting old now

by Level 4 (897 points) 1 14
Yes I do remember. More than 10 years actually.

I am fine. How are you?
Yeah maybe 11-12 years, i am also good thanks finally found some time now,you know in between these years been busy in life.
I think i am the senior most on this forum probably
I joined just when rohit the old admin made this site in 2011 i think it was
I came to know about this forum before JTHJ

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