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EXCLUSIVE !!! "Sweeta" - Song - Kill Dil - Ranveer Singh | Parineeti Chopra ...Watch it below

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Not impressed. We've come to a point where we know when the Adnan Sami factor is missing in an Adnan Sami song.

The beginning of this song where Ranveer gives the introduction was really good but completely ineffective since it was already used in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan before & how many other films it might've been used which I might've failed to remember now.

My rating for this song - 2/5

Visuals - 2.5/5

It'll be just another song that will be in the movie just to kill the time.

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if people can say aata maji satakli is great in that way this song is much good than pathetic songs released nowadays like ice cream.
Well why would you wanna put Adnan Sami in the same league of Honey Singh? By Adnan Sami's standards this song blew. We know what just his one humming can do to get his listeners go fida on him, so there's no way of accepting something this mediocre from him.
u ask some idiot honey singh fans they will say he is even better than eminem.I have to accept this kind of songs bcoz this year only mediocore songs are released by my favourite singers,like ankit tiwary- kuch toh hua hai and khul kabhi of arijit singh.But there are good songs must most of the songs are average.
OK no more arguments I have hidden my answer.


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