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One more contribution from women force to the Indian Medal tally. Indian womens hockey team win Bronze. With this India had 48 medals. How many more do you think India will win???/
in Sports Related by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

3 Answers

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Close to 60, will make position In top 10.

by Assistant Director (53.1k points)
Isn't 60 looks bit tough.. I am hoping for 52-54 medals...
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2 golds are confirm in kabaddi
And overall i think around 55-57

by Location Scout (4.7k points)
I think its going to be a taugh call between Iran and India in both men and women for Gold. Then we have a chance in Hockey also. And do you know what happend in men Volleyball and women basketball? I missed that today morning.
Losses in both basketball and volleyball
India was leading in volleyball but then lost last two sets to Japan
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It will be 57-58 or may be 60 also.

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)

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