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It has a lot of superstars but who acts best among them.
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But NTR.JR,ALLU ARJUN,NANI & RAVI TEJA also very good actors.

PAWAN KALYAN,PRABHAS and other also good.but they r suitable for some genres only.

My all time best actors in telugu; (covering 3 genrations)


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Mahesh Babu

But only considering the current superstars.

Chiranjeevi is yet to make a comeback, and I wouldn't put King Nagarjuna, Victory Venkatesh & Nandamuri Balakrishna in the same league as the current young superstars.

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Mahesh Babu acts? This is new for me. :)
Yes he does.. It's not like he does only voice modulation & change the accents to much more concentrated regions of Andhra/Telangana dialect. Well no, it's about his approach towards each scenes. Sure commercial fares does present him stereotypically, he gets dialogues where he always talk about his fair look & how girls die for him but that's ok as it's any day better than dialogues based on caste.

People with no idea about acting will simply take Nenokkadine's name. But to know the strength of Mahesh Babu, you should start with Rajakumarudu, even Takkari Donga (apart from vintage Tamilians, Telugu heroes took over cowboy genre & nobody in India can match Telugu films when it comes to cowboy genre), to his disaster Nani (his elegance in playing an 8 year old & a 28 year old simultaneously showing his innocence & frustration), Athadu (oh boy what a restrained performance), Nijam (this is the film anybody should see before judging Mahesh Babu, his all scared Brahmin guy or was he an Iyengar to a son out for vengeance) followed by Arjun (stereotypical definitely yes but then his close up emotional scenes with his sister & his struggle when nobody believes him)... leaving Pokiri, Athidhi, Sainikudu, Dookudu the next movie to look out for is SVSC (no heroism, just a normal character infact a character of a loser who is a jobless jack. he carried that film on his shoulder as he was the one give all the fun elements. But the scenes with Venkatesh, mind blowing. Not an easy job acting opposite a veteran when it comes to family dramas as Venkatesh is of master class in that genre.)

That's the main reason I didn't take NTR Jr's name. He's a terrific actor, more than Yamadonga, I take Rakhi as an example of his true acting skills but then that showing off Nandamuri family background clubbed with casteism & political agendas puts me off.
And last but not least talking about Nenokkadine..

Just one scene, one scene matter that's all

The scene where Mahesh asks Nasser about his parents, he shoots his legs & hands, then suddenly throws the gun away & starts begging to tell him about his parents..

That dialogue "tell as many stories you can about my parents I'll listen to it. Do you know why? because each story of your's has my mom & dad in them."

Everytime I watch the scene I get wild thinking "Teeskochayy yevadunnadu industrylo Mahesh acting ni match cheyyadaniki ee okka scene lo." (Bring who is there in the industry to match his acting when it comes to this scene)

You see be it NTR Jr., Allu Arjun, Prabhas they need directors like Puri Jagannadh, Sukumar, Trivikram Srinivas, SS Rajamouli to perform or make them perform. In case of Mahesh, he gives his 100% irrespective of directors. That's his speciality.

That's why he's the 6 times winner Nandi awards for his acting. Most prestigeous award for the entire Telugu industry.

He has won 4 filmfare awards for best actor but I normally don't get excited about it much as it came for movies like Okkadu, Pokiri, Dookudu & SVSC.
@suhas excellent reply...........! @nikhil mahesh clearly ahead of ntr.jr in pure acting skills.
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According to me Ravi teja and Allu arjun are currently best and complete actors there.Other may be bigger star than them.


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