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In my city,the A grade single screens balcony seats are priced 200-250.

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that could be the case biggest example is me i usually go to mall to watch films and eat in restaurants or some other food shops and maximum people i can find in these two places on a normal day
btw i also go to play games there is one so where i can play xbox 360 and many others to o come it's a good shop or gaming centre
Ha wohi sab matlab activity wali cheeze chalti hai bas ya khane wale,mai kafi study kiya hu yeh cheez khud dekh dekhke in malls,dusro se puchke ke woh kya karte hai mall me..
Aur mai yeh bat padha bhi tha,ke mall walo ko aajkal dukan fill karne me problem aa rahi hai
abe lallu 250 rs mein log mUltiplex main dekhenge yaa Single screen pe..........

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