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1.4k views ........... .... this is image of tiger just brfore killing the boy ........ this pic after tiger killed the boy ...... ........... this is really depressing .....
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So many incidents like this happen, but people will never learn. So many incidents like this happen, even the zoo management will never learn.

By the way to weigh in on the tv channels, just checked NDTV's footage on this incident on youtube where people have continuously disliked the video only because they didn't show the live attack. So this shows what people expect, you really can't blame the media for cashing in on this anymore.

A simple road accident, the victim literally begs everyone holding his broken leg, to take him to the hospital or atleast call an ambulance. Idiotic people stand there & take his video instead. Forget media it's the general people.

Even with this incident, many visitors recorded the entire video of tiger attack just so that they can upload it on youtube or share it on ****, enjoy watching it with friends. Somebody is dying the first thing to do is to take out your smartphone & record the whole damn thing.

People including media recording a girl getting publicly molested is one extreme because we know there are perverts who get turned on & masturbate to that. Wonder who gets turned on by the videos of someone dying?!

And look who's asking this question when I myself have watched gazillion videos of animal attack, live accidents, live murders, live death videos available on the internet. I passed the sick phase of myself, there is an entire population who still loves to watch it. To summarize, blaming the media now has become totally inane.

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Haan dekha karo.. Your mind would become sharp & also your heart would no longer feel like little. In real, whenever I used to see incident like this or any blood, I felt sudden headache. But now, I got confidence to tackle anything. Just thanks to social experiments & live leaks videos!
Yes it's true that many people have thinking like social media is a place of get likes and for that they were put their responsility towards socity aside and in this zoo incidance it is the carelesness of boy and poor management of zoo both are equally responsible and at last what i can say about electronic media they were forget their duty in the race of trp and then claim themselves as fourth pole of democracy.
INDIA is the first and only country to succesfully reach mars on first attempt..!!
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Kafi ghanto pehle hua.BTW its funny that the boy was pleading mercy to the tiger,and its even funnier how some news channels said "Ladke ne jaan ki bheekh maangi par phir bhi bereham sher ne use nahi baksha"

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look at that pic when a 200 kg nature's one of the deadliest killing machine is so close to you then what will you do
btw what do those news chsnnel meant by besharam sher ne baat nahi suni, how can a tiger understand human language
yahaan to human hi human ki baat nahi sunta wih to phir bhi ek wild animal hai
Besharam nahi berehem..waisa hi kuch idiotic tha exact yad nahi
didn't these news channels know that tigers are supposed to be carnivores but still that tiger didn't eat that boy he just mauled it to death
here is one more pic this imo is after that tiger killed that boy
at one moment it looks like a magnificent and beautiful looking white tiger and next moment a terrifying beast and this pic looks scary
@tb-if news channels can have those headlines of aliens stealing cows as they want to drink cow milk,to yeh kya badi baat hai
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i just watched the video on cnn ibn..........i was totally shocked.........................

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