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234 views . . . Now I think its time for all Hirithik fans, espcially Harsh, to rejoice and wait for the thunder strom to come.
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In this case I would say Less promotion will increase the Curiosity of the Audience to a new level. And 99% Cinegoers knows about the film Bang Bang. Songs are appering in Every 15-20 minutes. Dialogue promos stars airing. So no fear. Even with much less promotion Singham Returns opened to pack house.

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Agree man....
Don't know why some Hirithik fans are so tensed about it. It will surely bang on ticket window.
Fans are worried coz some insecured morons are busy in Bashing BB. Otherwise Every fan is happy in all those contents of Bang Bang.
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I don't see how that can be qualified as a "Promotional Strategy"!! Those who would see these tweets...are already very much aware of Bang Bang!..This Film is the worst Promoted Hrithik Film in last 10 years!..

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SRK did the bangbang dare by Hrithik to show his best abs workout though the video looks old before the photos that we have all seen of his abs

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bangbangdare has been trending on twitter since 2 days..but it does not add anything to the buzz..!!

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Its innovative...... they r not following what everyone else does...... but they could have started the promotions a bit earlier......
7/10 for promotional strategy

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3/10 FROM MY SIDE..............

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You missed decimal ;)
I guess you want to write 0.3/10
abe apne r ko d me to badal le chuze khilaRi.. lallu laal halwai wala
Blanka-Verma-khiladi- Biggest Hr hater I guess...

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