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Give your top 5 action scenes in bollywood.....?

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in General by Executive Producer (68.1k points)
1. Kaho na payaar hai climax
2. ek tha tiger 1st scene
3. agneepath rauf laila assassination
4.baazigar climax
5. ghulam climax
Dhoom (2004)......every sequence which has John on bike

7 Answers

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Best answer

For me....

  • Agneepath (2012) : Climax

enter image description here

  • Rowdy Rathore : Just Before Interval

enter image description here

  • : Train Sequence

enter image description here

  • Ek Tha TIger : In the beginning

enter image description here

  • Dhoom 2 : Skating Sequence

enter image description here

by Assistant Director (57.6k points)
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action scenes in bollywood ? WAIT !! BOLLYWOOD ? man seriously

I don't have top 5 , here the ones which are my favourite that I think were ok -

Dhoom 2 - Train Robbery

DDLJ - Last fight at rail way station

GOW 2 - When faizal kills Ramadir

Main hoon na - Rickshaw Chase scene

by Production Accountant (28.1k points)
Can we include these in action???? These are stunts and excellent scenes...does action here means Man to man fights
+2 votes

5 Abhishek - Hrithik (Dhoom 2 climax)
4. Salman Khan. Wanted Climax
3. Salman Khan. Dabbang Climax
2. Srk Chennai Express Climax
1. Don 2. DZB entire action sequence

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)
+2 votes
  1. Kaho na payaar hai climax
  2. ek tha tiger 1st scene
  3. agneepath rauf laila assassination
  4. baazigar climax
  5. ghulam climax
by Production Accountant (26.0k points)
+1 vote

Best action sequence in bollywood
1. krish climax fight between hr n vivek.. never seen in any bollywood movie
2.dhoom 3
3.ett starting nd climax
4. wanted starting ,interval
5 R rajkumar nd jai ho climax fight specially hand to hand fight in jai ho..

Note: awara pagal deewana actions were class at that time... and also tumko na bhul payenge climax sequence between salman n other guy...

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)
+1 vote

The 90s were good old days for action packed movies.

Mohra - Akshay Kumar rescues Sunil Shetty who was being held hostage by Naseer altough it copied of that Hong Kong movie called Hard Boiled but yet a brilliant climax.

Vishwhatma . Just pure action and i loved the part where Sunny Deol, Cunkey Pandey & Naseer go inside their cars and chase Amrish Puri and his henchman.

Jaanwar - Akshay Kumar rescues the little child who was abducted.

Vijaypath - The part where Ajay Devgan fights the tiger was brilliant and i liked the showdown between him and Danny Denzongpa.

Aatish: Feel the Fire: This movie was a copy of that Hong Kong film called A Better Tommrow and the climax was pretty much the same but it was handled very well.

Baazigar: This one was good as well where Shahrukh Khan kills Dalip Tahil and his goons.

by Assistant Director (44.0k points)
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I won't include any movies before 2005. Here is my list:
1. beginning scene of Ek Tha Tiger
2. escape scene in Dhoom 2 after Hrithik pretends to be a Greek statue
3. Dhoom 3 scene before Abhishekh shots Aamir in shoulder
4.Climax of Agneepath
5. action sequence in the train in Wanted

by Producer (101k points)


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