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I really liked the movie, it was a gem for me. And I think that its one of the less talk about movies even it was one of the finest movies last year. I will put it in the same leauge of Special 26, Don 2 etc.. 4/5 from my side.... What about you????
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Its one of the best movies from Bollywood in last few years. Perfect espionage thriller. Shoojit Sarkar direction is one of the finest in this genre. The amount of research and detailing done for the movie puts in league some of the finest crafted films in India. The Cinematography, Lighting, War sequences and plot twists very very well executed. Acting is first rate & Kudos to the casting director as none of the actors look out of place and fits the bill perfectly. I'm surprised it didnt do very well at the BO. It deserved much more. Shoojit sarkar gave a film to remember on a modest budget speaks his direction abilities and chose a diametrically opposite story from his Vicky Donor.Respect! The movie was very well edited that i thought there is no need to change a single frame in the movie.

First Reaction : Wow Man! Thats some stuff for a Bollywood film. I thought it would be great if they a release a extended edition/ deleted scenes for the movie.
Rating: 4.75/5

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Bhai it did decent at BO. It was a sandwich between movies like CE, OUATIMD and SG bit it had earned above 40cr and this was cause it was a real gem. Otherwise before release I thought it would hardly touch 30cr.
Totally agree. Only make difference is, I rated it 10/10. The best movie of 2013. And, this make me fan of Soojit.  :)
@sandeep yes it did well collected more than 40cr but i thought with john in the lead and a very good thriller and with last shoojit film performing well i thought it would do around 65-70cr. But vicky donor was entertaining commercially. so i understand
yaa bro,,  movie was so good that even 50cr would have been less.
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I liked the movie...Good blend of Some reality facts with fiction...

This type of movies are never tried in india before (Hollywood has many of them)
Soojit sarkar's story telling was awesome and john performed very well..But for me real hero of this movie was Soojit Sarkar..

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Really good movie 4.25/5 from me.

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Extremely well made film, loved every shot of it....espionage thriller 4.75/5

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I didnt like it at all. Really bad acting by all stars esp john and the chick. Rating 1/5,

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Bhai are you talking about Madras Cafe?????
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Please don't put Madras Cafe in the league of Don2.Don2 is good but is mightily overrated by SRKians.Madras Cafe was a great film,4/5 from me.

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Idiot,did i say don 2 is crap,i said don2 is good but overrated.Overrated doesnt mean crap.English samajh nahi aata to aaja tuition de dunga
Master saab. Fee kitni hai aapki?? Garib logon ko kuchh margin kar do to main aana chahunga... Hihi :D
de de bhai tution fees bata de hum jaise unpad gawaaron ko aap ka hi sahara hai baba :D:D
I hate guru like this.. Tu kalank hai.  :@
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One of the finest movies of 2013.My rating 4.5/5.

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It was one of the best films of 2013..!!..Yah it's quite under-rated
I had written a review for the film in the previous forum..
Shoojit Sircar's direction was fab.... He potrayed the assasination of ex pm Rajiv Gandhi very well.
The war scenes were shot excellently...Cinematography and Screenplay and Background score were the highlight of the film.
John Abraham 's acting was one of his best...
4.25/5 from me

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