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Don't plagiarize! Share your own views, and if your review contains potential spoilers then please add a spoiler warning ahead. It's not necessary to post long reviews, you are welcome topost 4-5 lines summaries

It's not necessary to post review of  both the  movies. Just review the movie you have watched.

 And don't forget to rate the movie/movie out of 5.

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DEI -Very ok type movie...Half baked....
Best part about movie:-Trailer of Killdil Hny and Bang bang specially response for BANG BANG...
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I watched 3 movies in theatre this week
First I will review Daawat-e-Ishq
Parineeti and Aditya Roy gave a decent performance in a movie which was spoiled by bad writing;stale screenplay.....Music was average.....Anupam Kher was ok but Karan Vahi tries to act bur isn't.....First Half was Average but 2nd Half was really bad....Parineeti was show stealer with good performance.....2/5.....
Fawad Khan is a show stealer in a light hearted rom-com.......Sonam Kapoor looked pretty with decent performance....Kirron Kher shines and gives a good comic performance.....Screenplay is good but script should have been tighter......Music is decent.....Cinematography is just awesome....locations were really beautiful.....First half was good with situational comedy but 2nd Half became melodramatic....Humour of the movie is just superb......Go for it its a good movie.....3.5/5......extra .25 for Cinematography

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Half baked and boring second half despite few light moments in first half. Aditya was ok. Costumes of Parineeti was disgusting throughout the film. Despite a good first half and a social message there is no rom and no com in this rom-com flick. Watch if only you have nothing else to do.

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Watched Daawat E Ishq today.Parineeti gave a good performance.Anupham Kher was as usual.Aditya gave better performance than A2.Film's 1st half was fine,2nd half too but expected better climax.I thought climax was letdown.Songs could have been better.The film gives a good social message.Overall a decent film.1 time watch.My rating 2.8/5.

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Daawat E Ishq one of worst film of YRF...and one of most boring and pathetic movie... watch it only if u need to sleep...2/5..Parineeti was decent, Anupam Kher was the star, Aditya had break all the limits of making audience frustrate and this one is far more irritating than Ashiqui 2, seems like director had nothing much to do, so decided to make a plotless film...its one of my worst experience ever had..2/5...

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Dawaat-E-Ishq --> 2.5/5* Good 1st Half (y)

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Khoobsurat - 3/5. Good.
Go for it.

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