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A question for SRK fans regarding Shankar's "I".Read below.

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Today I've seen loads of SRK fans who have turned against Shankar's "I" JUST because it's releasing on Diwali. May I ask why? HNY has the entire north to do business. Also, and with all due respect, we all probably have acknowledged that "I" looks several times more promising than HNY. 

Disclaimer: I know that there are several SRK fans for whom merit is king ( e.g @Zin). Of course, I do have the utmost respect for them.

Anyway, I can tell you one thing for sure. Despite living in the UK and having seen just a few South Indian films, my priority on Diwali will be '"I", which may be a path-breaker in Indian cinema.

Does anyone want to say anything?

Note: please give rational arguments only. Any abuse will be severely dealt with.

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First, let me clear that I admit 'I' looking more promising than HNY. But, bashing things happen, no one can stop it. And, if you're accusing only SRK fans for it. Then, I'll say you're being little partial here. Arre bhai, go around social network, go on YouTube. There're plenty of people who don't say anything about 'I' teaser. Instead, they're busy in bashing whole Bollywood industry saying Srk, Aamir, Hrithik's movies are nothing infront of 'I', Bollywood has no creativity, Bollywood is piece of shit etc etc.. I show you some of comments.

''If SRK watch this I film he will openly appreciate the film and accept i am
nothing compared to viktram but LOW IQ Bollywood fans knows only sunny leone not abt VFX or creativity....''

''Gentleman indian nayak and aparichit
Chutiyapan hero tho sharukh khan and uskimovies like chennai express don and most of Bollywood films and heros are chutiyapan trying to copy American style and South Indian film stories forgot to mention most of the North Indian audience also chutiyapan this is fact and try to accept.''

Even, the top comments are describing how bad Bollywood is.

''Bollywood can't make a movie without sex, stereotyping South Indians, remaking South Indian movies and few stupid songs. But Kollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood, Mollywood are showing their true talent.''

Also some of funny comments.

''We don't need to call Aamir Khan "The Perfectionist", when we have Vikram!!
Vikram is far beyond the perfection though!'' hihi

''Dear BOLLYWOOD assholes... First try to STOP copying from SOUTH indian films and even HOLLYWOOD films i.e. KNIGHT and DAY which s almost INDIANS watch this film and u guys making that FILM..... tat s Comedy.... and u Guys Trolling this..... U guys INSANE.... we Should Proud tat man SHANKAR try to make as a HOLLYWOOD range.... he s James Cameron.... ''

So, what will you say now?? If, 'I' fans have enough reason to bash whole Bollywood and Shahrukh. Then, you think. We don't have???

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Its not like tamil industry are producing many films like "I" every year. Last one is robo, now I. Many tamil films from top stars are also mind-numbing, low on iQ and illogical.They are different breed of filmmakers who produce all kinds of films in every industry. Sad but few understand it
Many of south films are copy of other language films.I will post abt that soon.
Right said Dilip bhai.
Kowsigan, it's well known far bro. Every industry has influence of others. They inspire each other, copy each other. Even, Hollywood is not discrete. There're plenty of Hollywood movies which is inspired/copied from Indian movies. From Steven's ET(Inspired by Satyajit Ray's Alien) to A Common Man (official remake of A Wednesday in English) to 'Deity' (Official remake of Kahaani) and many other.
Anyways, waiting for your post. That will be informative to us..
Yeah,thank u
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I also just want to know how much it will impact in Overseas.??
Bcos domestic - they are saying just 4-5 crores....
but overseas will it not impact much more especially opening weekend?? bcos if both Ai and Kanthi releases same time as HNY...then I believe that will be the first choice among many here (especially on first Sunday)

For me --- I will watch HNY first and maybe later AI ...


by Unit Manager (39.8k points)
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I'm too waiting for I...I'm from north east and here south Indian movies rarely can create buzz, and buzz for HNY is huge!

by Super-star (169k points)
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All Die hard fans do that , Same is what Hrithikians doing with Haider

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
you are noone to comment on hr fans here
I am just giving a example, btw no one is going to stop me talking about Hrithik as long as i don't talk rubbish
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For the record I'm looking forward to watch "I". I watched all shankar films. They are even dubbed into my language (telugu).I agree with Ankit, and would like to add few more points. When kochadaiyaan was about to release SRK praised it as a important film in Indian film industry for trying to take technology forward. He appreciated Robo too. FYI robo was first narrated to SRK which he didnt accept. Its not like SRK or his fans dont appreciate something new. And "I" is scheduled to release on 22nd as of now but HNY is scheduled to release on 24 as of now, so its not a direct clash. Fan wars are common when stars films are clashing, i think u haven't noticed before. Its not like who ever is bashing are SRK fans, how did u confirm that. And many tamil people just becoz of their hatred to hindi bash bollywood.
I wonder how many have seen Real cinema in bollywood apart from big star entertainers. I dont understand why many tamil people think their industry is far superior compared to other. They make good movies no second thoughts on that. But assuming others make only bad ones is a very sick logic.
Those comments in youtube are pathetic and shows how insecure some people are (see i didnt categorize them as its not the point). Just to appreciate Vikram( which he deserves) no need to degrade SRK,Aamir, HR as done on youtube.I watched quite a few tamil films and have some friends from TN. Do u think all who are producing world class stuff in films in india are only Tamil. See they are many stars in hindi who are working on international projects but no one used them to bash tamil cinema.
Finally, I would like to say dont compartmentalize things as they are easy to do. Some people didnt like it, they criticize it for whatever the reason, but u cant blame the whole group of individuals. So, dont take those comments/hatred seriously (whoever does it) just enjoy "i" on diwali. Peace.

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yes i have something to say now

now your diwali priorities have changed lol

by All Time best! (268k points)


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