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2013 it was Lungi Dance, 2014 it's all Brahmi Dance.

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Brahmi Dance (Power)


I wouldn't write an entire review but I'll try my level best to give an entertaining views of the same. My watching experience in words...


Oh not a surprise though... I am this much jobless only otherwise I would've never gone to watch a Ravi Teja film in a multiplex.


1. Power (Telugu) as critics screamed at the top of their lungs looks exactly like a cheap copy of Ravi Teja's own Vikramarkudu (remade in Hindi as Rowdy Rathore).

2. While in Vikramarkudu it was all about an honest cop & a petty thief. The honest cop gets killed so the petty thief takes over as the cop & kills the baddies. Now turn the table, there's the most corrupted cop in the Indian history & an young guy who aspires to become a cop day & night. The corrupted cop gets killed so this wannabe cop guy fills his shoes because he looks just like him. Well this is just a premise, the pre-climax twist changes the whole plot.

3. You all heard of a movie having flashback, even heard of a movie having multiple flashbacks. Very rarely we come across a flashback having a flashback inside it. But you wouldn't have seen a movie's second half starting with a flashback, that flashback has 2 more flashbacks in it. And just when the flashbacks end & the movie gets back to the current time, wait a minute there's one more flashback that involves almost every main character.

4. The movie is asusual regressive. I mean they are so much scared to try new things & want to repeat the same success they rely on Ravi Teja's Balupu (last big hit) & Vikramarkudu (last blockbuster) a lot. I mean how many times will you like to see an honest cop & his family killed where the dying cop utters the age old dialogue to the villain "Someday an honest tough cop will destroy you?" and suddenly hero enters the screen ! To bring back Vikramarkudu's effect, the honest cop & his wife is killed but in a separate flashback they show the wife being raped. Why? No reason, there's a follow up action scene where Ravi Teja starts chopping off people by asking "who all touched her?", one villain's henchmen goes on to add "I touched her first but it was only my boss who enjoyed her".

5. While Balupu had Brahmi & the entire cast dance for IPL's theme music Jumping Japang, Power has all of them trying to dance for Lungi Dance before being interrupted saying it's not Lungi Dance's time but time for "Brahmi Dance". A repetitive idea but a song written for Brahmi to the same tune of Lungi Dance, is definitely welcomed. Audience whistling for it was the proof.

6. Heroines? Hansika Motwani is navelicious. Ofcourse she has one of the best navels, so too much of waist show is exactly why she was signed in for. No cleavage shows in particular as they concentrated only on her... well navel. Second heroine, Regina Cassendra. The girl comes in the flashback & she has a song, she's shown to be the most positive character in the film. No doubt she has one song which means she's going to die very soon at the hands of the bad guys. Plus got to give Regina special marks for actually kissing Ravi Teja on his lips.

Tired of these type of films but then it's not going to be their end either. Got to increase my tolerance level because next week comes my superstar Mahesh Babu with Aagadu & I am pretty sure Tamannaah's navel is waiting to perform better than Hansika's navel.


My rating - 2/5 (Better than Rabhasa but nowhere close to be called a better mediocre film.)

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hmm...u gave a very detailed review bro...........................

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