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Don't plagiarize! Share your own views, and if your review contains potential spoilers then please add a spoiler warning ahead. It's not necessary to post long reviews, you are welcome to post 4-5 lines summaries

It's not necessary to post review of  both the  movies. Just review the movie you have watched.

 And don't forget to rate the movie/movie out of 5.

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Finding Fanny.
A perfect movie. You will not become bore, it keeps you engaged. A simple story told in simple manner.
Good performance by whole cast, Nasir & Pankaj are showing there greatness.
Direction is good & Goa plot makes it more better.
Film is fulfilling every expectation of short film.
One of the best of recent years.
I am going with 4.50/5 if you are an art film lover then you must go to watch it.

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A decent attempt fails in execution . Poor script , bad vfx and 3D doesnt add much

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Wtf!!! You went for Creature!!!!
Hats off to you..Daring chahiye bhai.... (just kidding)
Nothing like that brother i went for the effort even though i found the movie below average i would applause the attempt to create something new !
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Film ke baare main kuch to blo..!! Kaise laga..actors ka performance kaisa hai..?? etc.
Naseeruddin Shah And Pankaj Kapoor Did A Great Job. (y)

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