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> Sangeeta or Shaheen: The dilemma that's killing Salman Khan.

> Anil Kapoor attacked !!! Industrywalas settle scores with him.

> I'll never leave my wife: Sunny Deol gets dramatic.

> Mukesh attempts suicide. Did Rekha draw him into it?



> Why Govinda couldn't marry Neelam?



> Has Aamir Khan's stubborness destroyed his star status?

> Yes I'm arrogant: Shah Rukh Khan

> Sangeeta shattered. Salman's hot affair with young actress exposed.

> My life is at stake: Anil Kapoor after the attack



> I am getting married soon: Salman Khan

> Juhi's secret marriage proposal to Chimpoo.

> Caught two timing girlfriend! Akshay Kumar's secret affair with a top model.

> Karishma can keep Ajay for herself - Manisha Koirala explodes !



> Salman Khan strikes again ! Mamta Kulkarni's ugly showdown with the CASANOVA KHAN.

> Young actress create havoc in Saif-Amrita marriage.

> "Even mimicry artistes ape stars" - Sridevi gets back at Madhuri Dixit

> Govinda's affair with Karisma finally exposed.

> My father's affairs traumatized me - Rishi Kapoor

> Ajay dumps Karisma for Twinkle !

> Salman & I hated each other - Pooja Bhatt

> "I am better actor than Amitabh" - Shatrughan Sinha

> Govinda is a manipulator - a famous producer accuses

> "Now that Madhuri has become Amitabh, she can play the hero opposite me" - Juhi Chawla erupts.



> How Aamir Khan faked his illness to save his marriage !

> I feel nice about being a G-A-Y fantasy ! - Akshay Kumar admits

> Is Ajay Devgn's obsession for Karisma destroying her?

> Tabu's hot new affair with Nagarjuna !

> Threatened by Madhuri! Abused by Mamta! The Manisha Explosion!



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Most of the these covers are hotter and more in your face than what is published now. Salman looks dashing on all the covers and I guess karishma spend the best part of the 1990's having affairs.

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Some of them are funny , some of them are shocking..!!
Anyways fantastic share..!!
Best are the link ups , Salman getting married soon , Aamir Khan faking illness and Akki's g-a-y fantasy.

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I would want to know how Aamir faked his illness to save his marriage.I remember in college,a frnd of mine faked his illness and brought fake medical certificate so that he can appear for exams later as he wasnt prepared that time lol..btw so many karishma link-ups.

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LOL all news are either true or false some sounds like old media logicless gossips and some sounds serious

too many linkups

g-a-y controversy - what the hell was that
aamir stubborness destroying his career - looking at his record i don't think so lol
i'm better actor than amitabh - just one word LOL
ajay dumps karishma for twinkle - but twinkle to akshay ki ho gayi lol aur karishma bhi haath se gayi is chakkar me lol
who attacked anil kapoor..??
aamir faked illness to save his wedding - i want to know how

affairs, fights, controversies, relations bollywood industry itself is a film filled with all these

but one news headline that catch the eye and stand above all

I am getting married soon: Salman Khan
so acc to salman soon means more than 21 years LOL :D:D

this might not be that big that time but when we look today it looks very huge and then reading this that salman said this himself 21 years before sounds wierd

21 saal ho gaye bhai abhi bhaiya se saiya banne ka irada kab hai lol :D:D

BTW great share
thanx for sharing this :):):):):)

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Irada sab ka hota hai agar tumse koi karna hi nhi chahega to kya ukhaad loge. Every girl dumped him, nobody was interest in him.

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