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Bro, don't lose your cool I have banned him and period should be one day atleast.
So keep calm and enjoy the forum, you are one of great user.
thank you yaar. kal se kr raha hai. i even provided the link yesterday. no one did anything. thank you for taking notice
HRSG made a fake account yoyosingh. u should probably look into that too
No need for thanks bro this is our job.
And I will keep a watch..

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Bro the movie is way to classy for KRK to understand.
It was a great movie and climax have the power to shake you.

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Aisa hai toh hum zaroor dekhenge bhai.
Yaa surely you should. You will love it....
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Raanjhana is great movie 4/5 from me and krk is the world's most f*****g person.

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Krk is an asshole. Ranjhaana is one of the best movies of 2013. Dhanush was fab and sonam suprisingly acted very well. It was a different sort of love story too mature for krk to understand.

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But the good story, direction and great climax make up for that and the end product is something quite faduuuu....

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