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Zimbabwe defeat Australia in ODIs after 31 years. What a match? And what a way to achieve a victory.....
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great victory by zim in 2013 they beat pakistan in an odi and test match too and now aus good going

by Production Designer (15.0k points)
they also beat India twice in triangular series in 2010....good going...From India to Pak to Aus...Fab
what about in test match lol beating any team in odi not a big deal bt beating in a test match after removal of their test match ban after 6 years its a big deal
i also said pak in my comment but Zimbabwe beat India twice in the series thats big
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Yes i watched it after the spurs livy match ended at 7.50 and till Arsenal's match started at 8.30,though the match went till arnd 3 min of arsenal's match so was switching to see the historic feat of zim.

by All Time best! (295k points)
Yaa I also have my project works to do bit wasn't abel to go away from televidion due to this match. It was damm exciting.
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Amazing performance by zim tgey could have won last match as well if they batted a bit better.

by Star (156k points)
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These type of victories doesn't matter , let them defeat Australia in the series .

by Star (151k points)
Its a triangular series,they did well in the last match agnst SA
For team of 10th rank and which is still to get test status, these kinda wins does matter. And it becomes even bigger when the oponent is the no. 1 team.
In the 2007 worldcup Ireland defeated Pakistan and in the 2011 world cup they defeated England( right now Ireland is nowhere in the international cricket scene) will be considered as a fluke unless they play well for 2-3 series consistently.
@san-zim has test status for more than 2 decades
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Well done Zimbabwe! Would love to see such upsets in 2015 world cup.

by Mega Star (226k points)

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