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Wow... nice played INDIA... I think India will crush England team by clean sweep.

(yar ab jeeti hai to tarif karna to banta hai, I am a true Indian, purani baate bahut jaldi bhula deta hu mai)

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For making a clean sweep they should drop kohli and take gambhir instead.
And for winning the world cup they should drop dhoni from captain ship and make Charlie (me) captain.
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India were leading 1-0 in the tests too hahaha.BTW england's selection sucks,cook and bell shouldnt be there in ODI and England should take Jason Roy(star of natwest t20 this time) and James Vince,and why the hell stokes is there,they should take finn.

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@navo reason.......?????????
Well tb,everything abt india is bad.let raja stay in india for a month hahaha pata chal jaega how india is and how indians are.I m glad at least i dont live in some of the states of india with terrible people and society(won't name them).
Maa aur Mulk badle nahin jate Hindustan ke kalank.Jaa pakistan chala ja tab pata lagega Hindustan kya hai.G******traitor.
Why would i go to pak.My heart and soul lies in islington,london.

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