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"Q. Is it true that the budget Bajirao Mastani is highest ever at over 200 crore?
Ans. Only Chennai Express, Dhoom 3 and Kick have recovery of 200 crore so its unlikely that budget of Bajirao Mastani is so high, if that much is finally spent it is asking for trouble in terms of recovery."

What was the budget of 3 Idiots ? I always thought it had recovered over 200 crore 

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By recovery,they mean returns not the NETT.3I had returns of 99cr 4m india as DS frm 202cr nett,50cr from overseas from 26ml dollar gross,35cr 4m rest.Satellite wasnt high then.

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Aur India me........
India wala me thoda jhamela hai kyuki SS and Plex ka DS ratio alag hai and it changes weekwise of the film,india wala me ek approx figure nikalna hota hai.3i ka to yeh figure mujhe pata tha i didnt calculate.SS me 1st wk DS varies from 60-90%(depending on the theatre an dist) and plex me 50% in 1st wk,42.5 in 2nd wk,37.5 in 3rd wk,30 after that hai,bt it increases in plexes by 2.5% agar 6 national chain milake kisi film ka wknd 17cr se zyada hota hai.In short agar ek chota plex film ho like mardani,to uska 1st wk ka DS arnd 50% hoga and lifetime DS arnd 45% hoga while for a big film,lifetime DS arnd 55-58% hoga if majority coll.was in 1st wk with a healthy SS ratio.
Thanks bro......
Thankssssss raju hirani jitna bhi recover hua nhi to amir ne to vat lagai thi
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Nikal na jaaye kahi CHENNAI EXPRESS

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Answer hai nahi to kuch bhi likhega
Ticket kharid ke.... baith ja seat pe.... nikal na......... CHENNAI EXPRESS
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Chennai Aayi Aayi Aayi Chennai Express (party)

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Dhoom ------ 298 cr
CE ------------ 251 cr
KICK --------- 216 cr
3-IDIOTS ---- 187 cr

These are total recovery of these movies which coming from distributer share (domestic and overseas) , sattelite right , music right , home video and other ways............

NOTE : - All these are total recovery so don't confuse with producers profit........

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0 every big movie have tie-up with big brands, launce their games etc etc for make more profit but big recovery coming from DS and Sattelite. The differance is also not big in sattelite right, it is around 7 cr....
Agar mai tie ups(d3 ka bahut sara tie up tha) and satellite hata du tab bhi diff.of recovery 47cr se zyada hai
The differance between dlstributer share is around 42 cr..........aur rahi baat recovery ki to 2 - 3 cr upar-neeche ho sakte hai but aayega lag-bhag ussi range me....aur ye confirm hai..
India DS CE 116cr,D3 hindi 140 plus 6(going by boi),overseas d3 is currently at 31ml after china 1st wk from what indicine said while ce was 19ml plus,ds diff arnd 28-29cr,dono add karke arnd 52cr and 58 cr incl.regional.CE didnt have toy or merchandise tie ups,d3 had of arnd 20cr,tv ka 7cr diff,85cr total diff aa gaya.I dnt knw abt d3 game revenue or music of them,music to utna hi hoga yrf khud ka music company hai,ce me music right becha tha

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