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Outlet / CriticRatingReview
Indian Express½Read
Times of India⭐⭐⭐Read
DNA India⭐⭐½Read
Film CompanionNegativeRead
The Quint⭐½Read
Bollywood Hungama⭐⭐⭐⭐Read
Komal NahtaNegativeRead
The HinduNegativeRead
Hindustan TimesNegativeRead
Low Tier Review Outlets
Times NowMixedRead
Subhash K Jha⭐⭐⭐⭐Read
Peeping Moon⭐⭐⭐½Read
India TV⭐⭐½Read
Free Press Journal⭐⭐⭐⭐Read
Overall Avg. Rating2.78 from 16 ratings
From Reputed Outlets2.35 from 10 ratings
Critic Acceptability Score*23%

I'll update the thread as more reviews come along.

*Critic acceptability rate: The percentage of Positive reviews from reputed critic outlets.

In future I'll try to adopt the Rotten Tomato's model by picking a panel of reputed reviewers to be used exclusively for calculating the acceptability score. I used to aggregate reviews for a past project, and I'm considering using those panel for reviewers. Any feedback for selecting the reviewers would be much appreciated.

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I feel that Kartik had that x-factor in him which made several average movies bring audience to theaters. If this movie works great, I will be more certain that remakes aren't dead, it's just the choice of people that have changed, and there are few stars who have appeal.

Specially after KJo case with Kartik, I want this kid stand on his own.
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Go through his interviews. He's full of himself with extreme arrogance. Kjo was right to dump him out.
Well, this one is a failure already now.
And I was so wrong about him. Not so soon will I change my opinion about the new kids again.
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I have watched the original one (I rarely watch south movies) , it was a typical south indian movie and Allu Arjun did an ok job , but I dont see how Kartik Aryan suits in that role. The trailer was atrocious to say the least.
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This toxic guy's arrogance was increasing day by day. He started thinking he's the next SRK after giving a fluke hit last year. 

Good. This movie should crash and burn 
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