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1. High Budget.

2. Remakes don't have the same appeal these days with the emergence of OTT. With easy access to South Indian films that are dubbed or subtitled, audiences no longer have to rely on remakes to enjoy them.

3. There clearly was a prevalent reluctance among audience to leave their homes and go to the theater for a film post-pandemic. It seemed like a film has to be an event film, a sequel or something that generates huge amount of buzz to get the audience out of their homes. VV had none of those factors.

4. Genre. Thriller Genre generally don't find much audience other than plexes. Movie failed to portray itself as a film with universal appeal.

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Remake, but without universal apoeal.

It was a thriller which was tried to turn into something massy, but it didn't work, at its core, it remained a thriller.

No having aood album.

Hrithik is more preferred in stylish and big action roles, and not stuff like this.
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The movie was simply not very appealing. There has been and will be debates about good or bad movies, but the reality is always the same. Types of movies most people like and the trend is what brings people to theaters.

Still 80 crores in such times is a respectable figure. The times were bad for Bollywood, and will change again if the A-listers start giving people the movies they want. 

I still believe that the right remakes still work and Bhola if made well will prove that. We are to see Shehzada this week too and that will make things clearer.

Genre also is not a problem, a slow remake like Drishyam worked for a simple twist. 

It's upon Bollywood to find out what people want from them now after the tastes if viewers changed post-Covid. 
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It was a mediocre movie , plus most of its target audience had already watched the original .... 
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