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Cocaine Bear
Both probably
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Well Cocaine Bear obviously followed by Missing: #Searching2.


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A bear consuming cocaine and running riot is enough for me to assume that this will be full of gore and blood. Then why see it mahn? What's the point in seeing people getting t€rrorized and die ? If I have to see a person getting torn apart by an animal I would revist the scenes from second half of Jurrasic park in my mindmind and then open book my show and search for the tickets of the film where some awesome actor is having an ego fight with some right wing promoted comedy superstar .
They had me at "bear consuming drugs and running riot". Plus the film is directed by Elizabeth Banks. Gotta check out what she has done.

Also, I am Sucker for creature flicks so can't miss out on a bear high on drugs.
bear consuming... not that i imagined it to take out American Express card and make lines on a glass table in a dimly litted room..

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