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Few years down the line would people remember that so and so film didn't get a theatrical release and it was directly streamed on hotstar Or Disney or... Will they respectability as a regular Bollywood film?
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I think the OTT films of today will be the cult films of the future. (The good ones) 

As you know, quality films that bombed at BO acquired cult status among cinephiles in the past decades, and in my opinion the good OTT films will take that mantle from here on out.
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I'm not talking about low quality.. Even if the camera work is good the color of the film looks Tv serial-ish.
Gangajal which is a crime film looks as cinematic as veer zara. But cuthputli which is also a crime film doesn't look as cinematic as pathaan
The initial query was only about the release format. And, in that regard, I don't think release format would be a sole determining factor in a film not getting its due.
"But cuthputli which is also a crime film doesn't look as cinematic as pathaan"

The two films you selected for comparison are completely dissimilar. Their tones, genres, and pacing are all different from each other. Obviously they'd look different.
I'm not able to bring my point clearly..I don't think I understand cinema as much as I understand Cleavage .
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The likes of Shawshank redemption, Fight club flopped at the box office but they are widely counted among the top 10 movies of all time and have attained cult status, while many movies which were box office hits have been forgotten...
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This would work well for the well made niche films as they will be saved from the infamy of being a box office failure.
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Leave few years down the line, it's the case in present.
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So what is the case now?
Such movies are forgotten and don't get much respectability.
So people will make distinction between varuns December and coolie no1 ?

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