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Sammy permanently banned.

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He was on last warning and the offences which lead to the permemant ban:

  1. Down-voting Suhas's questions.(Around 85+) Will reverse it soon.
  2. Using Fake ID's(BlackCrow, King is King, etc)

(Warned users list updated)

I hope that users will follow the rules of the forum and help maintaining it. 


Thank You.

Legend ThunderBird.


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@RealChamp... LOL why would @Zin use a fake account , that too like BlackCrow

@RealChamp "Ghanta Sorry" LOL. I would have framed the comment if you had said sorry to navo. LOL (Which will never happen :p)

I have way better things to do than to make a fake account praising Ranbir and abusing SRK!
Lol...i don't know why....but,mujhe Zin pe thoda doubt hua tha....aur ek SRKian ne bhi mujhe bola tha(i cann't mention his name) ki Zin hi blackcrow hai usse doubt hai....... Baad mein mujhe Navo pe doubt hua....phir filman....aur phir Sammy jab cineta lk forum start hua tab mujhe sammy pe doubt hua...... Aur haan,ek baar Rockstar pe bhi doubt hua tha(sorry rockstar also)....
Blaclcrow was a Ranbir fan not Aamir!

6 Answers

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Ya we all miss Sammy and his interesting comment & answer-

Just a sweet reminder for all forum members.....

Jo bhi ho yaar, we will miss you! It all started with Red onions then followed by Masala dosa, chicken biriyan, tomato soup , hakka noodles,mustard oil etc etc then came blackcrow and his all alias blackcrow returns, dobara, the return,never dies and finally he is sayin goodbye! What a journey! Jana ekdin toh sabhiko parega but ok u are leaving a bit early. Yeh dard hum sab seh lenge!,! And sirf duaa me nehi chu.... me bhi tumhe yaad rakhunga.
Finishing off with : Pa pa pa pa pa pa mane na manee na!

answered Jan 31 by Sammy Production Accountant (23,999 points) ●5 ●12 ●17

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Lol ! Nice Answer +1
hahahah,.,...those were the days.....awsum memories
+8 votes

So he was suffering from Multiple Personality disorder - Black Crow or Sammy or King is King

by Cinematographer (91.3k points)
Haha and few users were putting it on Navo
Finally a big sigh of relief for Navo
+5 votes

Good Work Thunder Bird !!


'#EDIT -> OMG !! Blackcrow was his account. Shocker !

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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+5 votes

Omg blackcrow was sammy cant belive it but he did provide ample entertainment.

by Star (156k points)
+4 votes

Wohoo good going mods and admins...
This time you guys are taking strict action on time...

Well done... You guys are doing great job :-)

by Production Accountant (25.1k points)
yeah even i want to know it what do you meant by it
Kahi tumhe mere liye koi Gf toh nhi mil gayi , ya Pokemon Hindi episodes
Zin will give you a chance to stand next to PM Narendra Modi on 15 August when he will flag-hosting on Red Fort and you also got a chance to shake hand with other people around you...
Iske alawa Zin ne tere liye bahut kuch soch rakha h so don't be sad :-P...
+2 votes

Come On Man...He Should Be Given 1 Chance

by Mega Star (230k points)
Users Naya Yug and Speedo2188 banned for 6 hours..!!
Charlie: abay kahan tha bay???zindagi mein thori tarakki kya hogae, doston ko he bhool gya
@badshah mere bhai ...I am back......taraqqi nahi Hui ....meri waat laggayi..
hahaha.....acha hai, acha hai(Nana style)


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