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User KING IS KING is banned permanently..!!

+14 votes
he was provoking continuously even after getting warned and making senseless posts one after another and then after getting warning he did not stopped he starting abbusing badly to mods and admins of this forum so for this he is banned permanently
related to an answer for: A new moderator added to the MOD Panel.
in Official by All Time best! (269k points)

8 Answers

+8 votes
Best answer

Man, I was surprised he reacted like that lol.

Anyway, it's a good opportunity to remind users that this forum should be kept clean at all costs.

We thank you for your cooperation!

by Assistant Director (54.0k points)
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User I LUV CINEMA is banned permanently..!!
+5 votes

Hopefully someday the most foolish,Idiot,Childish,Crier-For-Points Bizzare cum User gets Banned and He is None other than Lord Blanka and he will give this an upvote as for points are like Oxygen.

by Star (156k points) 3 flags
ab badshah ne bol diya hai toh Aik flag meri taraf se bhi gift
lol........i wanted Naya to deny that he didn't bother about points ever....i want him to say this

No bro i did bother for points at rohit s forum but not a this level.
i know this is another level but still yaar it mattered to u upto some extent that means u can relate to it....n going personal was too much....okay...leave it
+3 votes

Good work.........................................

by All Time best! (326k points)
+3 votes

How about banning the user grand nova? He's always posting senseless stuff about srk.

by Camera Operator (9.6k points)
+2 votes

It was due from long time. Finally, action taken.

by Assistant Director (53.5k points)
+2 votes

Now, it's Real Champ turn

by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
Hahaha....i'm the king...
+1 vote

Why Man?? He Was A Good User..

by Mega Star (230k points)
+1 vote

Plz BAN Me Permanently and If possible delete my account too. Ban me Ban me !!!!!!!

yes brother love u . plz ban me BANNNNN MEEEEE !!! PLZ I BEG !!!
Yrr plz koi isse ban mat karna.. He is best user of this forum
yeh tum kya kehrahe ho?? u knw hw much i talk rubbish, hw i always say bad things about your choices . plz ban me. ban meeeeee plzzzzzzz
No.. You never said anything bad. Plz don't ban him


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