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Admins please stick it to the top......
Where is Puneet Shukla....We want entertainment.

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Review Of Entertainment: A Decent One Time Watch

Entertainment is not as good as my expectations! I'd have rate Housefull 2 more if I compare both the film in the basis of comedy only, but Entertainment has some touchy scenes which were the pluses. Film is lack of comedy, I have to admit it! As film has only one or two hilarious scenes, otherwise the film was just like keep watching.... keep watching... next scene might be damn funny, but its not exactly!

Performance wise Akshay was best amongst all the humen biengs their, but Entertainment certainly given his best performance. Tamanna was decent, Mithun got nothing much to do,Sonu& Prakash were good, overall it was good performance by all overall.

Direction was good, screenplay could have been better, songs were nothing special except Tera Naam Doon!

THEN?? Why to go for it?? reason is Akki, The Wonder Dog & their sweet relationahip.

My ratings 3/5...I would say give it a try, if u want just entertainment!

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"Akshay was best amongst all the human being their" duse kya alien hai kya??...
There is a dog in the lead.......!!
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So after a long time Akshay in was 70-75 % full.,Now come to the movie ;
Movie was entertaining. There are some good scene in 1st half which gives you laugh.2nd half is more fun. Story is normal everyone knows.Overall a very good comedy movie..
Karan-Arjun moment ,Billa-Billi horrer story are hillarious.Audience laughing throughout in both these scene....
Expect a bit more but 2nd half was good so I am satisfied..Some of scene are boring to me but audience enjoyed those scenes...Songs are very good.Surprisingly I didn't like teri mahima aprampar but now I love this song..
Disappoint with Akshay entry but re-entry in the second half was very good so no disappointment for entry..,
My rating -3.5/5

by Production Accountant (25.1k points)
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i expected comedy when i entered the theatre and got what i wanted and much more the film is not just about comedy it has also a message.when i entered the theatre it was full of akki fans they had a blast in the theatre 4boys of them asked me why i didnt celebrated the release of the film,i said i am a srk fan and akki is my second fav actor,i thought they would hit me but then they said we love srk also and when they said it i got so happy and my respect for akki and his fans got much much bigger,back to the film,everybody in the theatre laughed like every second of the film,akshay kumar and the dogs was funny,and it also got some karan arjun fun for srk and salman khan fans

my rating 4.5/5
im going back tommorow to see it

Bhai review ki bhi 2-4 line likh deta....
Haha deepak.. :D :D
mein to kehta hoon isay utha utha k dhobi ki tarha dho
@devdas.......... sheesha daikh raha hai kya??
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The film begins with Akhil (Akshay Kumar) who is living in abject poverty and serve his ailing father by doing 4 jobs a day to earn money and support his ailing father. A few scenes later it turns out that he is not his real father and he has been faking the illness. Akhil traces back, his background and discovers that he is the son of Bangkok’s diamond merchant. His dad’s name is Panna Lal Johri (Dalip Tahil). When Akhil gets idea of his real father, he could not control his emotions and reaches Bangkok. There he discovers that he must fight the heir of his father Entertainment (Junior). Soon after fighting with his father’s heir only he was supposed, to get the 3000 crore-worth property, which happens to be of his deceased father.
The consequences begin the tussle between Entertainment and Akhil over the property. Let’s know who wins the property? How it concludes into a warm ending is what must watch?
Akshay Kumar is the perfect choice of the script as it is clearly known that none will suit the script to do this film to help friends. He is quite good with his dry humor and sleepwalks through the film. This entertainer can be one of the yardstick for judging Akshay Kumar’s talent in action scenes.
Tamannaah is another asset of this entertainer who succeeds in what she sets out for who made a marked improvement from Himmatwala and Humshakals. Mithun Chakraborty appears as the girl’s pocket pinching parent in this film delivered good potential. Though his role is immaterial Mithun had absolutely tried to do justice in the film.
Coming to the villain’s performances Sonu Sood was again a good artist wasted to match the script who scored best in Dabangg?
Prakash Raj has last stints and he wasn’t any revelation who has finally dissipated out of my mind. Actor Krushna Abhishek has delivered memorable piece of performance in the film who has done good job at being funny.
Johnny Lever’s performance is again completely wasted with the script who can be better compared to all of the above.
Director’s Sajid-Farhad are capable in delivering good script but unfortunately, the kind of script they have churned out for their directorial debut is a big question. The beginning of the story itself, was terrible and cannot hook the audience to the chairs. They really wasted good actors who consistently have a lead in sleepwalk through roles. This film is a pleasantly surprises the movie lovers. The directors took care in music and song allocation as they finished the script with an opening and end credit. Overall songs are a bit relief to the audience.
Verdict: Entertainment film is a spoofy tribute to many Bollywood films pleasantly surprises the movie lovers. 3.5/5

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Seeing the trailer itself i knew Entertainment wasn't my kind of film.Still i went to watch it.I didnt like it much barring a few parts,the dog did a good job too,and being an animal lover,i was looking forward to seeing the dog.The rest of the cast did what is required in such films..I won't rate the film,simply coz its not my kind of cinema,bt i saw people in the theatre enjoying it,so i am expecting an ok wom...

by All Time best! (295k points)
How was Akshay acting...............
I already said,akshay and others did what is required in such films.
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So, Entertainment was my last movie of this year which I watched undesirably or unwillingly. And, just like I watched this movie cause I had to watch, the maker maked this movies 'cause they had to make.

Movie is rashness. Old fashioned and irritating dialogues. That didn't let me tickle at least. Everybody is exclaiming and whooping motiveless. Well, that is what I experienced in trailer itself. So, now I'm being optimist and trying to explore some positive side. Exactly, it has very few scene that I liked. Specially, recalling Karan Arjun sequence by Dabangg 1 and Dabangg 2 villains. And some of climax parts were quite enjoyable, but that is not enough for a movie that is entirely comedy based. Tamanna somehow looking gorgeous, and that was among few element of this movie that please me.

Well, I'm not going to be strict on this movie. And giving it 4/10.

My verdict : Well, It doesn't matter. If, you liked trailer then give a chance it. If, you disliked. Then, don't keep any hope. Avoid.

by Executive Producer (60.3k points)
I didn't get why didn't you rate movie??? I mean, there is not  a single movie I hesitate to rate if I've watched that..
I didnt rate it so that i am not called akki hater..
Lolz. I was thinking about it. But, it's more than you mentioned, I know. You're really very diplomatic stu. 8-)
I am not being diplomatic,and even being called akki hater isnt the main reason.i already mentioned the main reason in the answer,that its not my kind of film.I am not the right person to judge such films as its not my kind of humour.
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Will Rate Entertainment - 2/5*...It's A 1 Time Watch Movie (y)

by Mega Star (230k points)
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Imagine what would be if comedy nights were to be a full length movie. That's the feeing you get on seeing this movie. We get our hopes high when akshay does a holiday or special 26, but like a spoilt child who doesn't want to get rid of bad habits, he proves us wrong and unleashes one atrocity after another. Looks like the directors ( if at all they were there), wanted to utilise their bank of dialogues so they decided to make this movie. The puns on actors and actresses sound funny early on but the jokes dry out later on. Akshay has delivered such fine performance s in the past but on seeing this movie you don't know what made him sign this movie. Perhaps an all paid trip to bangkok. Sonu and prakash are very unfunny and ham their way to glory. Tamanna looks good, but looks too artificial. Only Johnny lever manages a few good moments, but how you wish he had a better script to play with. The dog junior is very adorable. Because of its lazy writing the effort to inject some emotion in the end appears too contrived. Akki needs to pull his socks or else with movies like this he will be finished. Hope for something which matches his potential. Hopefully, gabbar and neeraj pandey's next will show us the real superstar.
Rating- 1.5/5
Will crash completely once singham returns hits the screens

by Mega Star (226k points)
Glad to see some1 else who doesnt find CNWK funny.
Yup. The jokes aren't funny after a point. It's like someone's driving a nail in your head
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The movie is entertaining and that is what I want.... I don't care abt anyone review... From me it's 3.5/5

by Location Manager (7.5k points)
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If "It's Entertainment" then what's torture ? I'd give it a 1.5/5. Consider the plot.
Akshay is a good for nothing guy who realizes that he is the illegitimate son of a diamond merchant – Pannalal Johri from Bangkok who despite all his riches remains a lonely man whose only source of entertainment is a dog whom he calls ENTERTAINMENT! Genius. For all the entertainment that the canine provides, the Johri decides to bequeath his 3000 cr property to Entertainment. We now have Akshay competing with the dog to get his property

P.S. I'm already getting banning comments. a forum where people are going to attack you the minute you post !! whoaa.. And Ofcourse the Review has SPOILERS. GOD WHAT JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE!!

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Bhai, Indian are very sentimental(Well, I'm among them). Just, put some emotional punchline or scene, I'll become emotional fool.
Well, I'm still finding where is emotions in Entertainment. Well, Akashay tried in climax, but I'll say he failed desperately and It didn't let me become a emotional fool, otherwise I was to gonna rate it 9/10 with verdict It's very inspirational movie Bollywood ever produced.
get a life !
For getting a new life. I have to die. Which I cant do. Sorry to disappoint you. :D
so please dont unnecessarily judge. it's not done. I didnt see on top that we can't copy paste articles. i wouldnt have done it otherwise. everyone can equally participate. let the admins reach out to me if incase im doing something wrong.

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