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oh yeah....i too forgot that......a mistake by BOI i think....mera nhn khyal k south k wjah sy Bollywood debut ko nazar andaaz keya ja skta h

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Coz Murugadoss had directed in South,so wasnt a first timer.

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Well they wrote first time director also...murugadoss wasnt a first time director.ab agar hirani jake south film banata hai aur highest deta hai,u won't call him a first timer.
so its not a record for anyone who debut in bollywood with highest grosser of alltime ya aur kisi ne bhi aisa kiya hai jo a.r ne kiya hai you know anyone else
No AR ka lone case hai...

AS per BOI New Data Aditya Chopra Can Be 1st Director To Have ATG (Worldwide) By DDLJ.

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It was his first hindi movie but not his first movie as he had directed many successful south indian movies before ghajini.

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