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There is clearly a problem with BOI when it comes to Jawan actuals.

On september 14th he reported Jawan 1st week at 322,75 Cr appr and now he is reporting 312,79 Cr. It's a huge 10 Cr decrease in only one week.

I have always taken his numbers for reference but i am starting to doubt that. How can he be so accurate with Gadar 2 numbers (reported 282 Cr for 1st week and the actuals are at 281,44 Cr) and not with Jawan ? So are we expecting a decrease of 20 Cr on Jawan lifetime numbers ? Ridiculous !!
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It's obvious for SRK movies.

BOI has done same reducing collections for SRK movies before also for movies like OSO, JTHJ, Chennai Express, HNY & Raees.

Not just collection even they reduced Verdict Status of many of SRK movies.
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I'm tracking Jawan actuals on BOI and he took off another 2 Cr in the 2nd week and 2 Cr in the 3rd week. Already 14 Cr decrease. So he wants Jawan less than 550 Cr Hindi for sure... What is the goal ? Less than 600 Cr all languages ?!!
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BOi admin is a HUGE sunny deol fan . He was extra enthusiastic in tracking Gadar2 b.o  , hence no mistakes.
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Yes no mistake on Gadar 2 numbers from day one to lifetime, quiet shocking !
I can understand the 6 Cr decrease on Pathaan lifetime (even if it was only on 2nd and 3rd weeks). But with Jawan, it's a 10 Cr on 1st week...

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