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Considering  its big brand value , high production value it should really be getting over 70cr today/Monday , but falls short by 20% .

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20% Accept Rate

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Just for people to understand that Pathaan and Jawan numbers are not that easy to get.

People were dreaming about 90 Cr and 100 Cr a day, like it was that easy.

Hasn't seen the film yet but WOM is not that great (like Pathaan), but unlike Pathaan Tiger 3 will crush after wednesday.
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below average film with over the top action which looks fake
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It will not cross Leo and Jailer probably 
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No if you consider Non- SRK Starrers

Yes if you consider SRK Starrers.

If you see History, majority of Threequel films fail to match success of their previous movie AOW except just few AFAIK.
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