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Mine was R....Rajkumar. I expected some hardcore entertainer from Prabhudeva but he gives a movie not more then a piece of shit. Other than music nothing was of kind to be forgetten as soon as possible.
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From 2006-2010 , I practically watched all movies in theaters. Some films which I found terrible are dhoom dhadaka , maan gaye mughal e azam , jawani deewani , Raaz3D , God tussi great ho .

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There are many bad films, but worse......!

Hindi -
1. Action Replayy
2. Asambhav
3. Boom

English -
1. Demonwarp

Telugu -
1. Andaru Dongale Dorakithe
2. Bangaram
3. Dhairyam

Kannada -
1. Bhagawan
2. Navabharathi
3. Yashvanth
4. Ranga SSLC

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In tamil?
In Tamil I didn't find any movie to be worst. There are many bad movies but none worse. The only movie that comes close to be called worst is Enakku 20 Unakku 18. That too because of it's long runtime otherwise Vivek's comedy in it was the savior.
Which is the best film you watched in theatre?
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Dabangg2. What a crap movie it was.........

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Dabangg 2 The Crapest....... Ever... Never seen again , can't digest it. After watching it I used Balm in home to relax.

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Main aur Mrs Khanna,Joker.

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in theatre RA.ONE, out theatre CE ..........i swear im being honest

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Shayad tuney maan gaye mughal e azam nahin dekhi ..:)
nahe.... par meine mughle azam daikhi hai....
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MARIE GOLD..... Ram kasam... bahut bakwas tha.

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Tamil film jaggama.worst film.

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Dabangg 2 The Crapest....... Ever...

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Jhoom barabar jhoom.
Welcome to sajjanpur.

aeto vellipoyindi manasu.


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Did you like skyfall?
I loved it. Also not sure where the crying smiley came from in my comment...edited it now
mohit sarda - W2S?? It's one of the underrated movies and U r calling it worse..?
The day I have seen that movie the whole day I suffered from headache.
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Dabangg 2,, r.rajkumar and besharm

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