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Why Huge Blockbusters like Dabangg,Ghajini,ETT,CE have such low footfalls compared to HAHK,DDLJ and Gadar?

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Look at the difference in No. of screens.
What no.of screens lol,pehle ke film ke apne full run ke end me bhi 1000 theatre me lag chuke hote the

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Because none of them got acceptance likw Hahk,Ddlj or Gadar.For 3.5cr footfalls you need a big commercial entertainer with huge appeal..Filmmakers today are just playing safe.they are more of Businessman then Filmmaker.which wasnt case in 90's...A producer who mortgage his house to make Kaho naa pyaar he even after getting so much money limited his budget for making Krissh3.
You have to try something different and not concerning about bo to have ff like ddlj and kkhh..
A movie like or Ett could have crossed 3.5cr if wom was excellent as they had novelty factor as well as buzz.but sadly one was bad and other was just good movie. .

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bollywood audience has not increased in 20 years.ticket prices have.......

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thank u
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It is almost impossible for any movie in near future to fetch more than 3.5-4cr footfall .There was less piracy during DDLJ's time & more over not every one was having d2h/internet/cable connection.Agar DDLJ ya HAHK abhi release hota to unka footfall kabhi 3.5-4 cr tak nahi jata .

by Cinematographer (91.3k points)
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  1. increase in piracy and easier to watch movies on TV and DVD etc now

  2. Content isn't as great.

by Camera Operator (9.6k points)
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Because of Piracy.

by Mega Star (230k points)
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Good scripts will have bigger footfalls!.......

by Producer (107k points)


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