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Films looks like a low production value. Srk character looks like Harry +chennai express divided by three .
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It's just a teaser and it tells nothing about the film's value. For once you are jumping to conclusion too soon.
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Let's hope that they put up better promotional stuff in the future which shows that it's a high production value film .
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I agree, I was expecting a lot more from this movie but I guess it's a social drama with comedy flavors. Let's see how the trailer or drop 2 as they're calling it looks.
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There re 6 drops apparently. Maybe we won't have a trailer at all.
If there are 6 drops then yeah, you're right.
Let's see how this goes, fingers crossed...
Drops is a funny word ;)
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It's more of Teaser & in Repeat viewing it is looking Good.
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One more thing. Sonu Nigam's voice ain't fresh . Music seems like 2000s

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